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It’s problematic, it’s frustrating, and it ruins your paper. Unfortunately and occasionally, paper jams do occur because of various causes while printing the documents. Though clearing a paper jam on your Epson Laser printer isn’t so tricky, you can follow the simple steps to remove the jammed paper and get your printer back working smoothly. Before you call the experts at the Epson printer support number for a hassle-free solution, just take a look at the below-mentioned steps to clear the paper jam.

Step 1 – Power your Epson printer off. Now, wait a few seconds, and then power it back on. Restarting your printer will remove the jam automatically in the start-up cycle. In most cases, resetting a printer will allow it to recheck the paper path and stop recognizing the jammed paper that is no longer there.

Step 2 – If there’s one, search the readout. Almost all of the Epson printers have a small window that shows a line of text, which is helpful to know where the jam is and what needs to do after the paper jam. If there’s no message, continue to discover the jam manually.

Step 3 – If you find the paper in your printer, gradually pull it out the top of your machine. If it still exists, start opening your printer. As you uncover the different trays and lids, be careful while looking for the paper in your printer.

Step 4 – If there is the jammed paper inside it, gently pull it out of your printer. If it doesn’t work, access the paper trays. If it’s a drawer-style tray, make sure if you can get it all the way out. Put it aside, and search if you can find any paper. Tug out any you can access.

Step 5 – Check that you have loaded the paper into trays, but not overloaded. Sometimes, too little pages or too much can cause the jam, or just show as a jam. Open your printer by lifting or raising its cover gently. If it doesn’t open, then don’t force it.

Step 6 – Tug out the print cartridges. As you’re using the laser printer, it’s possible that one of the top or front covers will uncover the print cartridge. If you’re still unable to find the jammed paper, take the cartridge out.

Step 7 – Access any back or side lids of the printer. Also, look at inside any manual paper feed trays. Find and remove any pages or other debris. You can use a mirror while checking the feed trays on the back side. Otherwise, you need to move your printer to open covers all the way and find what is below them.

Step 8 – Clean up the dust and debris inside your laser printer, if required. Check the user’s manual while doing that. It’s possible that you will need to remove pages instead of cleaning parts.

Step 9 – Now, install the print cartridges and the trays you have pulled out and close the cover of your printer. You can also replace the cartridges along with other items by placing them back in the opposite order.

Step 10 – Power your Epson printer back on. Wait until your printer warms up if it has the start-up procedure. Also, make sure that your printer is online and working. Once the jammed papers are removed, you can reset your printer by turning the power off and on it again.

Step 11 – You may require opening and be closing the front or top cover of your printer in case you didn’t yet open it to remove the jam. Also, press a button, which means ‘Start,’ ‘Ready’ or ‘Go,’ to get it back online from offline.


Step 12 – If your printer is online, you will find a screen showing the ‘Online’ status. If it’s not, you will not find a red light or no readout or no light on your printer screen. For the in-depth instructions, you can check the Epson printer’s user’s manual.

Now, you can start printing your documents again. If there’s any pending job, your printer will automatically print it. Otherwise, you need to send the print message still. In case you’re unable to clear up the paper jam using one of the above-discussed troubleshooting steps Health Fitness Articles, it’s highly suggested to call on the Epson Support to get assistance for removing the jammed paper from your Epson Laser printer

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Call +1-800-213-8289 Paper Jam in an Epson Laser Printer

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