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Adhum carter details, Adhum carter story


Adhum Carter or Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule, is a British business-magnate, investor, strategist and financial guru. Born in 1995 in Brighton, United Kingdom, he pursued his secondary education from Lewes and has travelled extensively across multiple geographies─ lived in London and Dubai, conducted businesses in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other financial hubs all over the world. Adhum has a strong focus on Real estate financing and a natural flair for technology, specializing in international trade, investments, mezzanine finance, capital raises and development. He’s dabbled with Adhum Carter Adhum Adhum Carter news

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mixed asset classes professionally and his personal investments vary from the food industry to car trading companies.


Adhum carter details, Adhum carter story

6ty wikipedia, 10, Weribone, Queensland, 4417, Australia

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