Proposal to install an Optus Small Cell (Radiocommunications Facility) on an existing utility pole in Ipswich

Date listed: 10/7/2019

Optus propose to install a Small Cell facility (Radiocommunications Facility) on the following power pole: 1. Address: Council Pole P6, near Darcy Doyle Place, near the corner of Brisbane Street and Darcy Doyle Place, Ipswich QLD 4305 Website: The proposed installation will involve the following: • Two (2) x panel antennas mounted on to the existing utility pole (280mm x 160mm x 80mm); • Ancillary equipment vault located below ground-level at the base of the pole associated with the operation of the facility, including but not limited to Radio Remote Units (RRU’s); cabling, earthing and electrical works. The proposed installation is deemed to be a ‘Low-impact Facility’ in accordance with the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facility) Determination 2018 based on the descriptions above. Further information can be obtained from the RFNSA Website – as mentioned above or by contacting BMM Group at 1300 260... . The proposed infrastructure will be in compliance with the ACMA EMR regulatory arrangements. We invite you to make a submission. Written submissions should be sent to: BMM Group Pty Ltd – PO Box 430, Toowong QLD 4066 or by 5pm on Thursday 1st August 2019.

Ipswich 4305