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Radio Network Base Station Facility The National Broadband Network (nbn) is a high speed broadband network designed to reach 100 per cent of Australian premises and provide the communications infrastructure to help us stop falling behind in an increasingly online world. nbn is committed to delivering leading edge broadband services to all Australians by leveraging the three types of technology available – fixed line, fixed wireless and satellite, depending on location. As part of the fixed radio (wireless) component of the Network, nbn is proposing to upgrade the following facilities to provide high quality wireless broadband services to customers in the surrounding localities: • 131 - 153 Mollenhauers Rd, Peak Crossing, QLD, 4306 (5/RP21390) (RFNSA Site No: 4306049) • 118 Queen Street, Harrisville, QLD, 4307 (2/RP97945) (RFNSA Site No: 4307004) • 179 - 201 Russells Road, Pine Mountain, QLD, 4306 (2/RP889174) (RFNSA Site No: 4306046) • 55 Bill Morrow Road, Peak Crossing, QLD, 4306 (38/RP888410) (RFNSA Site No:4306047) • Lot 1 Blackwall Road, Chuwar, QLD, 4306 (1/RP104837) (RFNSA Site No: 4306052) The proposed work will involve the upgrade of transmitting technology to provide additional service capacity, including the replacement and addition of new antenna devices and ancillary equipment. nbn regards the proposed installation as a Low Impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-Impact Facilities) Determination 2018. In the circumstances, it does not require planning approval from the relevant Councils listed above. Further information on this specific proposal can be obtained from Visionstream by calling 1300 745... . Submissions can be sent via email to The closing date for submissions is 20 January 2019. For general info on the nbn, email, or visit our website at

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Ipswich, Queensland, 4305, Australia