Academics rage as 'racist' John Howard given honour

Story Published: 29 Sep 2016

Academic anger as University of Sydney prepares to give former prime minister John Howard an honorary doctorate.

Editors Picks John Howard Universty Of Sydney

What's on the small screen this week

Story Published: 18 Sep 2016

THE Bachelor fans can dive straight into new season of The Bachelorette, while the ABC has two new Australian...

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LETTER: Rudd leading the UN would be a travesty

Story Published: 4 Aug 2016

It would be a travesty if someone full of their own ambitions was to make decisions with huge consequences, writes Eloise...

John Howard Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd Letters To The Editor Malcolm Turnbull Peter Costello Un United Nations

John Howard replies to Chilcot Inquiry

Video Published: 7 Jul 2016

Former Prime Minister doesn't resile from his decisions.

Chilcot Inquiry Iraq War John Howard

Parties should be closed churches to extremism

Story Published: 21 Jun 2016

Labor candidate Christian Kunde has stepped down after his friendship with an Australian mouthpiece of a radical Islamic...

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Port Arthur massacre: The madness behind Martin Bryant

Story Published: 28 Apr 2016

MARTIN Bryant: the very name can elicit a shiver up a spine, a tear from the eye and enduring heartache over the senseless...

Gun Control John Howard Port Arthur Massacre

Port Arthur massacre: We now have 1 million new guns

Story Published: 28 Apr 2016

Australia’s national arsenal of private guns is larger than it was before the Port Arthur massacre.

America Editors Picks Gun Control Guns John Howard Port Arthur Massacre

Rapid-fire shotgun in the sights of Mikac and Howard

Story Published: 9 Apr 2016

Gun control advocates call for rapid-fire shotgun to be taken off the Australian market.

Gun Control John Howard Rapid-Fire Shotgun