April 2015

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VIOLENT, abusive and destructive five-year-olds are getting the boot from Ipswich schools.

Our schools the fifth worst for suspensions and expulsions

"I still maintain that year 7,9 and 11 students should be addressed by Police, Correctional Officers and..."

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IF YOU want to be totally disgusted about the attitude of certain youth in any town go and sit at the back of your local Magistrates Court.

OPINION: It's time for defendants to show respect

"This idiot obviously has no respect for himself, anyone or anything. He will definitely reoffend so..."

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EVEN volunteer Neighborhood Watch members have to have a police check unless things have changed, yet our pollies are getting away with it.

YOUR SAY: How do pollies get away without police checks?

"It amazes me how this can happen and furthermore why is he still in Parliament and why hasn't he been..."

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A 17-YEAR-OLD jumped on the back of a police officer in an apparent attempt to help his brother who was being arrested.

Teen charged for jumping on the back of a cop

"These are two of the many thugs around this area who have no respect for anything or anyone. Something..."

March 2015

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IT’S GAME over for the much anticipated Brisbane Lions administration and training centre at Springfield.

Lions blow final whistle on Springfield training centre

"It would be ideal for the Roar to go to this venue as they currently share Ballymore training groind..."

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JO-ANN Miller MP is now the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Minister for Corrective Services with a hefty salary of $313,906 per year.

YOUR SAY: Do ministers need more credentials?

"I ask the question WHY DO WE NEED STATE GOVERNMENTS ??? They are a total waste of time and taxpayers..."

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QUEENSLAND'S boot camps and other juvenile justice measures are under review, with Labor set to put the LNP's youth law and order reforms under the microscope.

Queensland boot camps to be reviewed by Labor

"I believe that children, say in years nine and eleven should be told in no uncertain terms where bad..."

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FORGIVE me but if I am reading the map correctly Bali is a long, long way from Columbia or Mexico.

OPINION: Indonesia's obscene show a total disgrace

"I do believe that we have no right to interfere with Indonesian law, I also think that it has been..."

February 2015

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A TEENAGER caught with a $1000 bag of marijuana told police he planned to smoke the whole thing with a friend.

Probation for teen caught with drugs

" This is AGAINST THE LAW and can or will lead the perpetrator to use far worse drugs. This person is..."

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WITH just a handful of votes still separating Pauline Hanson and Ian Rickuss there is only one thing that is certain.

Pauline Hanson hangs on in Lockyer cliffhanger

"I am concerned as to how Labour will get rid of the huge and ever increasing debt we have without..."

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