March 2015

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IT’S GAME over for the much anticipated Brisbane Lions administration and training centre at Springfield.

Lions blow final whistle on Springfield training centre

"It would be ideal for the Roar to go to this venue as they currently share Ballymore training groind..."

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JO-ANN Miller MP is now the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Minister for Corrective Services with a hefty salary of $313,906 per year.

YOUR SAY: Do ministers need more credentials?

"I ask the question WHY DO WE NEED STATE GOVERNMENTS ??? They are a total waste of time and taxpayers..."

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QUEENSLAND'S boot camps and other juvenile justice measures are under review, with Labor set to put the LNP's youth law and order reforms under the microscope.

Queensland boot camps to be reviewed by Labor

"I believe that children, say in years nine and eleven should be told in no uncertain terms where bad..."

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FORGIVE me but if I am reading the map correctly Bali is a long, long way from Columbia or Mexico.

OPINION: Indonesia's obscene show a total disgrace

"I do believe that we have no right to interfere with Indonesian law, I also think that it has been..."

February 2015

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A TEENAGER caught with a $1000 bag of marijuana told police he planned to smoke the whole thing with a friend.

Probation for teen caught with drugs

" This is AGAINST THE LAW and can or will lead the perpetrator to use far worse drugs. This person is..."

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WITH just a handful of votes still separating Pauline Hanson and Ian Rickuss there is only one thing that is certain.

Pauline Hanson hangs on in Lockyer cliffhanger

"I am concerned as to how Labour will get rid of the huge and ever increasing debt we have without..."

January 2015

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IT COULDN'T be more fitting that the man given one of Ipswich's highest honours is someone totally devoted to making Ipswich a better place.

Wonderful honour for truly devoted citizen

"These are the people who deserve recognition and it's about time the media recognised that there are..."

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AN ICE addict who savagely beat the owner of an Ipswich chemist has been sent to jail.

Drug addict behind bars after bashing business owner in mall

"The worry I have with these types is that the assaults in my opinion are attempted murder. This idiot..."

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THIS column normally has a humorous tone, but the following subject is becoming increasingly difficult to derive any sort of joy from.

Litter bugs trash the serenity

"Totally agree, idiots that do this should be severely punished and the same applies to the same idiots..."

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THE wrangle between Patricia Petersen and Ipswich City Council has ramped up a notch.

Patricia Petersen reports ICC to CCC over RTI request

"Irrespective who is right and who is wrong, as usual we the ratepayer or taxpayer will be the loser. I..."

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