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"The media release conveniently ignore the millions that have been wasted getting to this point. On..."

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"Please stop using photos of needles with every story about infectious diseases. There's a whole..."

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"Making burqas compulsory would solve several problems"

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"I find the smell of people who shop without having showered in a year more offensive. One bloke cleared..."

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"Palmer's PUP man is not "newly elected". He was just chosen to run in a seat. Which given his..."

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"If it looks like a flood plain and quacks like a flood plain then it's a flood plain. Building on a..."

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"@bystander And the local LNP MPs all show their support by Sekusui with their silence. They don't care..."

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"It's the Mayor and his Council that belong on the Gold Coast."

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"John Howard told us to be alert, not alarmed. Tony Abbott tells us to be alarmed and become more..."

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