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Commented on a story 10:20am Apr 23rd

"If Kyrstle wasn't 'attractive', would she still recieve the support and would anyone really care? ..."

Commented on a story 7:00pm Apr 15th

"99% agree, but we didn't actually go to the moon ;) "

Commented on a story 7:12am Apr 14th

"This gender confusion is total and utter BS. The only reason why kids are confused is because adults..."

Commented on a story 8:30pm Apr 11th

"The greatest band to ever come out of the Sunshine Coast was the Newsboys, I'm sure Mark would agree..."

Commented on a story 7:29am Apr 11th

"forgot to add, good on you Patrick for reporting Mel's story, fast becoming the peoples journalist ;)..."

Commented on a story 8:14am Apr 10th

"It's ashame that something considered illegal has the power to save a persons life. Sounds like she is..."

Commented on a story 8:40pm Apr 9th

"Again proves Kiwis are much more mature in general than their Aussie counterparts to enjoy fireworks..."

Commented on a story 4:19pm Apr 9th

"The Ulitmate Warrior now becomes the Eternal Warrior!!!! RIP, so much better than Hogan."

Commented on a story 2:49pm Apr 9th

"I'd rather think outside of the square."

Commented on a story 8:11am Apr 9th

"The same method is achieved by THC found in Cannabis Oil which binds to the cancerous cells and causes..."

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