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"All the stone work on top of Limestone Hill was done by the Relief workers during the 1929 depression..."

Commented on a story 9:22am Jan 19th

"How well I remember the silent movies put on for the inmates at Sandy Gallop Mental institution every..."

Commented on a story 7:09am Jan 4th

"Is it necessary to have a University education or a forensic squad to work out the real reason for this..."

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"Sad to see a man of his calibre and popularity to die in such tragic circumstances"

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"The change in people's ideas about our Premier just goes to show how many people at election time..."

Commented on a story 5:25pm Aug 31st

"Pleased to see it is still in the Dempsey Family, oldies ( like me ) will remember that long before..."

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"Publishing the names of offenders should be compulsory at all times, on the front page preferably, then..."

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"Lets not forget the memorial's daily flag raiser, The late Jim Keenan, who would be very saddened by..."

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"Thanks for the reminder to keep off the roads in that area while the contest is on and hope seriously..."

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"Promoting beer drinking? they must be joking, next promotion could be drag racing on Brisbane Street on..."

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