July 2015

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A MAN who is a major in the Australian Army and whose mother taught at Woorabina has won preselection for ALP to run against Teresa Gambaro.

Gay Army major to run against LNP's Teresa Gambaro

"I cant understand why the chronicle included how this man is gay, he is a politician first, and if he..."

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THERE’S nothing Craig Abbot loves more than cracking open a cold beer after a long day.

VIDEO: Beer fan laments price rise due to 'remote' classing

"i assume it is the freight costs of taking a load of brew to any where, the further away from the..."

June 2015

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LOOKING BACK: A positive Jon Kelly talks to Big Rigs in 2014 about HHA's bright future and even jokes the McAleese fleet could turn to HHA colours.

VIDEO: Kelly laughs off claims about HHA's uncertain future

"I read the news today oh boy, about a silly man who never learnt, he never thought about his past and..."

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IT WAS a big week for women in sport last week, with the ANZ netball grand final getting coverage, on the back of Queensland’s own Firebirds, and the Matildas’ World Cup performance.

Give women's sport more coverage

"It should be equal in all sports, I noted the pay women got for our soccer players over seas at the..."

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COUNCIL crews will remove old flood damaged callistemon, mulch and replant a variety of trees for screening as beautification works move to the old Walkers Shipyard on Kent St.

Works move to old Walkers Shipyard

"Better still, tear down this eye sore and rebuild a new area for ship building, or if council owned..."

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JOEL Uy has failed three driving tests, but he isn’t afraid of failing again if it means he’ll be a better driver.

What to expect from rigorous driving test changes

"L platers, tend to, while accompanied by a family member or friend, learn to drive and 99% seem to..."

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KENTUCKY Blue Grass man worries the Bundaberg Regional Council may force him to sell his beloved birds and demolish his aviaries.

Man worries he will be forced to sell his pets

"wonder what the fee's are for any structure in a backyard over 10 sq mts, I know here in Maryborough is..."

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FEDERAL politicians say the United States Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples have a fundamental right to marry could influence the debate in Australia.

Pyne: momentum growing worldwide towards marriage equality

"I feel the only hurdle now facing same sex marriage, is where the marriages will take place, I doubt..."

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YOUR child has almost a 50-50 chance of failing Queensland’s tough new driving test – and you will pay up to $230 each time they re-sit the exam.

Tough new laws for learner drivers roll out Monday

"I feel these new rules for L platers, will only make them angrier as times pass's, I note that not too..."

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AT LEAST 60 people have posted "lemon" car case studies to a Queensland Government website gathering evidence for a consumer law review.

Lemon cars face the squeeze with website told of 60 cases

"Our brand new 1994 holden wagon, after travelling some 900 kms, just stopped and had to roll it..."

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