May 2016

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FRASER Coast Opportunities could become insolvent if a funding extension is not granted by the new Fraser Coast Regional Council tomorrow.

FCO to face restructure if council fails to provide funding

"Get rid of them, and while your at it, get rid of the CEO as well, me thinks all these clowns just sit..."

April 2016

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THREE councillors on the newly-elected Fraser Coast Regional Council had refused to attend a teamwork retreat at the Bunya Mountains.

Councillors split on retreat to mountains for 'bonding'

"Remember the words from Braveheart Mr Loft, you think the people are here to serve you, I think your..."

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I’m the kind of person who sees a single free parallel park and decides walking an extra two blocks is good for my health.

OPINION: Being a bad parker is terrifying

"small car trying to park, you could have parked the queen mary in the space, in the end she gave up..."

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Palaszczuk Government commits $163m to cycling infrastructure and will retain minimum separation rules between vehicles and cyclists in a bid to improve safety

Cyclists on our roads: 'The hatred has got to stop'

"Maybe bike riders should wear helmuts while riding, maybe they should also keep note of the road rules..."

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March 2016

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UPON entering, I found that two service points had been totally removed, and two staff members lurking just inside the front door.

LETTER: Customers told to feed hard-earned cash into machine

"Same as a local bank along Adelaide street, the wife and I walked thru the front door to check on a few..."

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New addition to wedding invites:  Please leave your phone and camera at home.  This is after wedding photos get photo bombed by eager guests on mobile devices

Photo bombing wedding guests told to leave cameras at home

"In 1 case, the wedding guests do far better photographs of the wedding than the professional did, and..."

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One would need both a legal degree and a history degree to even begin to decipher the logic behind many of our laws.

OPINION: Penalties out of step with crimes

"The sentencing laws, or should I say sentencing loopholes, need very much to be over hauled ASAP, laws..."

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IS THERE such a thing as too much choice on TV?

With new channels, is there too much choice on TV?

"with more channels to watch, comes more ads, some channels have 5 ads during a break, and some times..."

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