July 2015

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COULD new shark detecting technology  devices be the early warning we need to help prevent future shark attacks?

Poll reveals high tech devices best to prevent shark attacks

"The trouble is, when any electronic device is said to work, how do you test it to safe guard humans, me..."

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MORE than half of Australian horse riders have had an accident or close call while riding along roads.

Speeding cars, road rage put horse riders at risk

"I always thought, when a driver comes across a horse and rider, he or she must slow down, stop and give..."

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EARLY Thursday morning I woke up and found myself in hospital with needles in my arm and lots of  electrodes stuck to my body.

A close call

"The young man should now ask what do doctors think about long term mixed medication , and why his mum..."

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LEARNER motorcyclists could face tougher testing procedures and extended zero-alcohol limits under a swathe of new laws the state government is consideration.

Zero alcohol and tougher tests likely for Qld motorcyclists

"All these new laws will do is increase the anger of bike riders, being pulled over for some unknown..."

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EXPERTS from around the world have attended a conference  in Brisbane this week to search for solutions to the problems taking our teens to the brink.

24-hour bullies push our kids over the edge

"If there's one thing in that I hate, it's bullying, in my day, if we came across a bully, and I did, it..."

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A CHILD protection advocate is urging for an appeal of the four-month prison term of a Hervey Bay man who admitted to raping his nine-year-old stepdaughter.

Child rape jail sentence 'grossly inadequate'

"I think the magistrate or judge who handed down this appalling sentence wants a reality check, as it..."

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YOU'VE dreamed of sitting in Oprah's crowd as she talks to celebs and gives out gifts... but do you have a spare $2,600 for the ticket?

Reports tickets to see Oprah in Australia cost up to $2,600

"i recall her car give away a few years back, oh goody but they had to pay the tax bill, most were given..."

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