June 2016

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WHETHER they work because they have to, or work because they want to, mothers continue to fall under the scrutinising eyes of judgmental parents.

THE EXPERT: Stop judging working mothers

"Experts at every thing, and experts at nothing, usually not married have no kids, own a old car and..."

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ONCE you’ve made the decision about using childcare and which type of childcare you want, the next step is to help your child get ready to start.

OPINION: How to prepare your child for day care

"Where we going dad, to school little mate, oh what do we do there, play with toys, listen tot stories..."

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MORE than a hundred incidents of racial abuse and hate crime have been reported since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit: Wave of hate crimes reported after EU referendum

"small things amuse small minds"

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Australia has lost 50% of its independent retail butchers but there is still plenty of local support.

Call for community to support local butchers

"Trouble is I feel is price and ease of buying, we drive to a shopping centre to buy assorted food..."

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LEMON laws crusader Ashton Wood is taking aim at another target with new artillery.

‘Destroy my Jeep’ guy finds tank to crush family’s Dodge

"You bought a jeep, your going to need a smaller tank, tho the agents won't give a jeep at all, you..."

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FRUIT for lunch was never something I thought existed.

OPINION: Steaks have been raised in vegan challenge

"Our friend, Michael, is a 100% vegan, tho one day he got caught as we looked through his kitchen window..."

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LEONARDO, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael are back, to save New York and eat more pizza in the process.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is back and great

"Your typical CGI type movie, full of tricks of the trade, what ever happened to the good old movie like..."

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The naming and shaming of paedophiles brings shame not only to the paedophile but to every child he/she has been connected with.

Victim tells why paedophiles should not be named

"It's a tough call, do you protect the single child abused, or do you protect a whole community from a..."

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A STATE Government representative will visit Fraser Coast councillors as Mr Saunders calls for an adviser to be appointed to the “dysfunctional” council.

Saunders calls adviser for ‘dysfunctional’ Coast council

"Perhaps the FCRC should listen to what the rate payers are saying or asking, not go head long into..."

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