August 2016

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As Road Safety Week wraps up there is still a plea to drive safely.

Road Safety Week wraps up on Coast

"Pity the person driving a white car yesterday didn't see the red arrow when she turned right from..."

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A motorist annoyed at having to find a park has left a nasty note on a car which was parked badly at a shopping centre.

Nasty note to poor parker:'Next time I'll write it in paint'

"Yes, so many people park almost like this at Station Square, and many times I am tempted to leave a..."

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A READER (19/08) didn't see the funny side of the headline on the front page of the QT on Wednesday.

LETTER: Standards for bad language have changed

"I often stop and have a quick chat with people, and the word LIKE is used every 3rd or 4th word, so..."

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Should we have a public sex offenders' register? Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders has weighed into the  debate.

M'boro MP weighs in on having public sex offenders' register

"Every parent, brother, sister and grand parents should be told where any sex offender lives in and..."

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QUEENSLAND may soon be on its own - the only state in Australia where abortion is illegal.

It's time for Queensland to legalise abortion: Opinion

"Abortion, one of the aspects of life all females should have the ability to have, in the event of a..."

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About 20,600 premises will have to wait until the first half of 2017 to be able to hook into the NBN.

How long do you have to wait for NBN?

"Oh technology working to help us, tho I read where one company offered NBN for a fair price, until the..."

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A MASSIVE mulching machine has been working overtime to chew up hundreds of trees in the path of the new Tinana Interchange.

Hundreds of trees mulched to make way for new interchange

"I assume all the trees that were mulched, will also be removed to not re-grow and cause the road to..."

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The iconic Fraser Island is a popular tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Ten reasons to visit the Fraser Coast as voted by you

"Fine dining, even though after 6.00 pm nothing is open bar the pubs, take aways and station square, so ..."

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'Statistically in the Wide Bay, we have a higher rate of young pregnant women smoking than other parts of Australia.'

Divided opinions on public smoking, where do you stand?

"So are illegal drugs, DV and child abuse, but smoking is easier to pick on simply because it's still..."

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Bureau of Meteorology weather forecaster Diana Eadie said if storms develop from the deep upper level trough we could get up to 40mm of rain.

WET WEATHER: How much rain we can expect overnight

"if drivers follow road rules we'd have no deaths, if we followed signs we'd have no problems, if what..."

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