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"Nope, it was not a private HBSLS event and was on the news, in the paper and through social media in..."

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"Afgbuijk, I am curious, which 2 do you think? Perhaps we should start a sweepstake and see who wins. ..."

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""I can think of a great use for the 'old building'. A HOSPITAL FOR MARYBOROUGH!!!" Fine, that is a..."

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"I would rather live 20 to 30 minutes from a decent hospital than from no hospital. It is great to have..."

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"I have a simple solution for you regular whingers - MOVE. If you are soo unhappy with living on the..."

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"I agree with you Ivan. We can not get to the point where every decision must be run by a committees or..."

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"Everyone I've spoken to has said cleaning up the esplanade was a good thing. I am yet to find someone..."

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"peter1954, you must be a real delight to be around if all you can do is complain. Stop taking all the..."

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"Well said Sue"

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"Good grief - how's life in the 1950's Werdna. It is the small town narrow view of yours that is one of..."

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