March 2015

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THE council has no plans to introduce paid parking into the Maryborough CBD as part of the refurbishment project, councillor Daniel Sanderson says.

Paid parking not part of M'boro CBD refurbishment: council

"Paid parking should not be introduced anywhere in the Fraser Coast - it is simply a tax on shoppers by..."

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<strong>LETTER:</strong>The days of running for council because of a genuine wish to do good works for the ratepayer are long gone.

LETTER: Councillors should forget the nonsense

"There are more in the community than just the pensioners. Some of us ratepayers actually want the..."

December 2014

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FRASER Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell has labelled the planting of trees by vigilantes “irresponsible” after a foreshore protection group plotted to plant seeds.

Tree-planting bandits anger Fraser Coast Mayor

"They were consulted - it is called an election. We voted them in to do a job and not to be..."

November 2014

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FRASER COAST police being deployed as part of security operations surrounding the G20 World Leaders Summit will take up their roles from this weekend.

Almost 50 Fraser Coast police being sent to Brisbane for G20

"HerveyB -- why do you automatically assume things are worse now than back the ?"

July 2014

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COUNCILLORS Chris Loft, Rolf Light, Darren Everard and James Hansen have been named by Glen Winney as being responsible for “a dysfunctional council”.

Ex-board member tells why he quit FCO

"Don't count your chickens. It is easy to play spoiler and complain all the time, which is exactly what..."

June 2014

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<strong>EDITORIAL: </strong>The handing down of the council budget appears to have been a fiery affair punctuated by a moment of sheer silliness.

Fraser Coast Opportunities offers much

"When economic development was previously under the Council, how much were they investing in economic..."

March 2014

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HERVEY Bay’s annual Pier to Pub event has been hailed a success by Fraser Coast councillor Darren Everard, who said about 220 people took part in the event.

Pier to Pub swim attracts many out-of-towners

"Nope, it was not a private HBSLS event and was on the news, in the paper and through social media in..."

July 2013

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FRASER Coast Council has sacked the chair and deputy chair of Wide Bay Water’s board of directors after they spoke out against the messy bid to takeover WBW.

Mayor sacks Wide Bay Water board's chair and deputy chair

"Afgbuijk, I am curious, which 2 do you think? Perhaps we should start a sweepstake and see who wins. ..."

May 2013

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ST STEPHEN’S Hospital in Maryborough will close its doors late next year, when the new $87.5 million Hervey Bay hospital starts treating patients.

St Stephen's Hospital in M'boro to shutdown late next year

""I can think of a great use for the 'old building'. A HOSPITAL FOR MARYBOROUGH!!!" Fine, that is a..."

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<strong>EDITORIAL: </strong>At a time when privatisation of public services is an increasing concern, the closure of St Stephen’s is particularly telling.

St Stephen's closure a sad blow but we need to stay positive

"I would rather live 20 to 30 minutes from a decent hospital than from no hospital. It is great to have..."

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