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"According to Mr Hunsberger, the business "generates" over $1 million a year. Sounds like that's..."

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"They already do. Virtually every restaurant in Noosa charges a 10% holiday surcharge to cover this..."

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"SO by your calculations, the intensive care nurse working on a public holiday or Sunday would be..."

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"Those hours that we work outside "normal" hours are when our friends and families have their birthday..."

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"I note Mr Berardo has conveniently omitted to mention the huge income-generating events that don't fall..."

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"Having businesses closed on Christmas day "benefits no-one"??? It certainly benefited my small kids..."

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"I'm having trouble finding the section in our Constitution that identifies our "legally defined GOD"."

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"And what's that they say about patriotism and scoundrels?"

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"How do you feel about certified organic food? Or food that is manufactured under strict guidelines to..."

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"The warning was issued *because* a person/people who were infected with measles attended Kawana..."

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