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"That's like saying all things that I can't tolerate because they are intolerant shouldn't be..."

Commented on a story 7:35am Dec 16th

"I liked the way the media was saying "We are not trying to scare anyone..Oh My god there is a guy with..."

Commented on a story 7:34am Dec 16th

"It's because he couldn't get hold of John Laws"

Commented on a story 7:34am Dec 16th

"What happens if the muslims you are sending home were born here? What about the white and Aboriginal..."

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"Lone Wolf unorganised terrorism is hard to stop..what could have stopped this man was better bail..."

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"can you start pointing your bum upwards then?? You don't want Mr Gulaptis to say "fredpace's bum was..."

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"Sadly members of my family had the same thing with Garages, told one of my family members that the..."

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"numbers don't look right but I guess in 2011 the data says that 67.2% of households in the Clarence..."

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"I agree tactful. Those of us that own pets particularly cats and dogs need to be aware that they kill..."

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"She didn't get sacked just didn't get the job (apparently due to the tatts)"

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