May 2016

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EARLY days into the election campaign and one thing’s quite clear. We need a third major party.

The minefield of middle class politics

"I wouldn't use the Duncan's of the world to get a sympathy vote...while the idea behind his question..."

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"CLEARLY there are a multitude of benefits of using hemp - it's more than just that image of a dope smoker up on the North Coast."

High time to legalise hemp for food, say local politicians

"call me cynical but in an election year local politicians seem to agree to everything...end of election..."

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IT WAS fun and games at the weekend when mother Janine Brookes dyed her 13-year-old daughter, Brooke Dawes’, hair green.

Mum, daughter fight Gladstone school over girl's green hair

"sadly teaching kids to disobey rules they don't agree with isn't a great thing either."

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THE Australian Republican Movement’s National Chair Peter FitzSimons AM will be speaking in Lismore and Ballina today as part of the ARM’s grassroots campaign.

FitzSimons brings Republic mission to Northern Rivers today

"I don't mind one way or the other how things go..however I will always vote against a republic model..."

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THERE’S no better example of how out of touch Malcolm ‘Mr Harbourside Mansion’ Turnbull is with the interests of regional Australia.

Clumsy tax grab shows Turnbull out of touch

"not quite sure how opposing the government taxing one group of workers differently from another group..."

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Friends and strangers have kindly shared their tips about overseas travel ahead of my first overseas adventure. Can you add anymore?

10 tips about traveling overseas for first timers

"sadly many of the big ticket places you want to visit in Australia cost more than a trip around..."

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STARTLING figures show we have more distressed residents than Brisbane, but fewer psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health nurses than metro areas.

Services falling short in country regions

"sadly I wish we had a solution but none of the major parties is at all concerned with the regional..."

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A GLADSTONE fraudster spent thousands of a mum's dollars on a Coles shopping spree.

Shamefaced Gladstone babysitter on fraud cash shopping spree

"The moral of this story is that it is alright to steal money as long as you have spent everything..."

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WITH the announcement of a preferred tenderer, the second Clarence River crossing is one step closer to becoming reality.

Preferred tenderer for new Grafton bridge announced

"Every politician will claim it was their work.. if they thought it would secure them enough votes...but..."

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SOME Telstra services are out again and reports are that it is affecting ADSL and NBN services nation-wide.

Telstra: Different day, different outage problem

"Poor Telstra...when the service went down their website (accessed through another service provider)..."

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