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"Yvette's french restaurant in yeppoon - miss it!"

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"I've still to understand what the infrastructure levy is for - we already pay rates for infrastructure..."

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"Ed, I have an issue with The Chronicle continually referring to the '3%' rate rise. Your repetition of..."

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"Thanks for sharing, Carlie. I've enjoyed several of your listed books as well. My husband introduced me..."

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"What a fabulous challenge, Carlie. The God of Small Things; ivanhoe; The Unbearable Lightness of..."

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"I see where you're coming from Vagabond, however, there is no point in a plentiful supply if the..."

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"Isn't Ted referring to infrastructure - not water supply? Peter care is the one who raised the issue..."

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"how about for the mayoral position? "

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"Well well, little prince has stamped his feet and bawled and got his way again. What a surprise. "

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"So, Little Lord Fauntleroy got his way....."

THE Fraser Coast councillors will get to experience the noise generated by helicopters first-hand when they meet with Becker Helicopters pilot Mike Becker.

Councillors to experience helicopter noise first-hand

24 Jun 2014

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