June 2016

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A late summer followed immediately by the depths of winter have left Sunshine Coast residents reaching for their doonas and heaters but relief is within sight.

Winter woes have 61 days to go

"Probably need to run the car another half hour. Should bring back the warm weather."

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REIQ claims removing negative gearing provisions would push rent prices up and cause a big hit to the Queensland budget through lost revenue.

Labor election promise threatens real estate

"It's really only those who don't understand negative gearing who have a problem with it. Those who..."

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Her blistering attack makes it likely she'll be on Hillary's ticket

This woman just shut Trump down, big time

"So all personal attacks and no discussion of his policies then."

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POPE Francis has said the Roman Catholic Church owes gay people an apology for the way it has treated them.

Pope says Church owes gays an apology

"Sure the RC should apologise. Its attitudes to gays is the least of its sins, though."

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Former NSW Labor Powerbroker found guilty of misconduct in office

Eddie Obeid guilty of misconduct in public office

"Hope you like jail, Eddie. The rest of your family will be joining you soon enough."

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It's the first thing Shorten says he'll change but the big question is will it win votes?

This is the very first thing Shorten says he'll do

"Won't happen. Love the reasoning. It's to stop people saying mean things about gays. My the left are..."

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Columnist Robyn Courtney swings by to discuss her views on the political influence we have on our kids

Pushing your political views on to your kids

""Children should not simply be carbon copies of their parents but should be allowed to think for..."

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WELL, who would have thought?

LETTER: Who’d have thought?

"I don't see a problem with that. Why would anyone? The problem would be feeling the need to deny it."

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MYSTERY surrounds a project for a Glenview site off the Steve Irwin Way, first linked to plans for Australia's first wave pool.

REVEALED: Investors announce plans for $400m water park

"Won't happen. Someone will discover an endangered frog species. The NIMBY crowd will stat..."

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THE Sunshine Coast has woken to a chill in the air this morning but it's nothing compared to the freeze factor in Queensland towns where it snowed overnight.

WATCH: Snow pushes into Qld as ski resorts celebrate

"And strangely this is proof of global warming."

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