May 2015

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STATISTICS released by the Sunshine Coast Council show that growth in development is on an upward trend.

Council trumpets development as economic saviour

"Building more housing for builders to live in is not a positive sign of economic growth. We would be..."

April 2015

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New revelations have revealed the Sunshine Coast could have had the potential for a double dose of slip-and-slide fun if two street waterslide applications were approved.

Double slide action slips away from the Sunshine Coast

"@ the Goldie, Wet and Wild, @ the Sunny a bit of plastic, a garden hose, and some Black & Gold Dish..."

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CONVICTED Australian drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been executed by an Indonesian firing squad just after 3am AEST.

Bali Nine executions cruel and unnecessary, says Abbott

"How many people would 8.7 Kg of heron have killed if it arrived in Australia ? "

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SORRY no farts allowed. Apple is trying to put a lid on flatulence by rejecting new apps for fart noises on its Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Sorry no farts allowed

"And just think within a few years it will be compulsory to wear one. "

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A CLOUD of smoke coming from a car window could cost the blower $227.

Smoking in a car with a person under 16 lands $227 fine

"Try Caboolture and MoronField both would be great place to issue tickets for both drives, under 16 and..."

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SUNSHINE Coast Council planning officers will hand down a report today recommending against major planning scheme amendments.

OPINION: Sekisui plan looks set to be rejected

"Another world class project on the scrap heap for the Sunny Coast. Now lets all go out and build..."

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NAMBOUR business owner Greg Biggs has scooped up the Outstanding McCafé Award for 2014 from McDonald’s Queensland.

Baristas take Nambour’s coffee culture seriously

"Confused is this news or an Ad for McCafé..... I really hate this type of USA media spin..."

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REPORTS suggest the ECB is looking at placing greater restrictions on the use of its emergency lending facilities by Greece’s domestic banks.

Greece bailout: Europe turns up pressure as cash runs out

"can i borrow $30 million from someone ? I have to pay off an $800,000 debit from the last bloke i..."

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AUSTRALIAN Medical Association Sunshine Coast representative Dr Wayne Herdy has reservations about medicinal use of cannabis.

Coast GP: We don't need a cannabis trial in Queensland

"We have plenty of harsh chemical drugs that can be used to better people's lives and all produced by..."

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COOLUM councillor Steve Robinson has been handed a 2500-signature petition opposing town plan changes to allow development of beach front land at Yaroomba.

2500 sign petition against Sekisui development

"Past developers have tried this approach and it never worked, especially on the sunshine coast. It..."

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