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"Why in earth, are stores still regulated by the Government. If you put your money and effort into..."

Commented on a story 7:11am Sep 23rd

"The people in the know, know that global warming will trigger an ice age. "

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"Running a mail order business. Each year we have about two - three days all out bound mail go missing."

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"I miss the point, building houses on the coast is not the silver bullet that will fix our economy, in..."

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"in many countries young kids are left at home or on the streets while the parents go and work in sweat..."

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"You also left out that some kids love going to daycare, and it is a far more active learning..."

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"someone once said the first question to ask is how did they make their first million and kept it. If..."

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"To bring house prices down (1) Remove first home buyers grant, (2) Remove Negative Gearing (3) Require..."

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"did anyone catch utopia on ABC last week, it was all about a developer that want to give back to the..."

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"be careful what you wish for. While Sunshine Coast Council says "we are are open for business" with a..."

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