March 2015

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A report from the Australia Institute is calling for a new tax on financial transactions known as a Tobin tax.

Australia Institute wants tax to protect 'normal investors'

"Banker bail out tax, the government know that the housing bubble will pop soon, taking the banks with..."

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AN ELDERLY pensioner told Maroochydore Magistrates Court he would rather go to jail than pay almost $2500 for placing a “look only” sign in his caravan window.

Elderly man fined $2377 for sign in his caravan window

"The rulers of our society cannot have dissonance in our society, particularly from the elderly. There..."

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IT IS tough out there for jobseekers on the Sunshine Coast.

Jobseekers on Sunshine Coast facing uphill battle

"There are plenty of low paid award wage part time jobs on the coast. All perfectly suited to help pay..."

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MT Coolum residents have taken on the task of mowing local parks and recreation areas themselves as they say council take too long to tidy them up.

Mt Coolum residents fed up with lack of council mowing

"We people should take pride in their streets and parks. If everyone spend a few hours a month cleaning..."

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THE Sunshine Coast property market is in one of those rare windows where month by month it is significantly cheaper to buy than rent.

Real estate sales hit five-year high in state

"As a passionate follow of the sunshine coast mark for the past 15 years, i have never seen so much over..."

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YOU have five minutes before you have to pick the kids up from school and you know you need milk and bread.

Road rule mythbuster: Leaving car unlocked to grab milk

"It would be expensive if you own a convertible or a car with removable windows....."

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PENALTY rates would no longer be regulated in employment awards, but negotiated directly between workers and employers under a new proposal.

Chamber of Commerce urges bargaining for penalty rates

"Job or no Job ? youth unemployment is at 20% after all. Besides, wages can only fall as low as..."

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A LOCAL financial planner and a real estate agent say there may be merit to the treasurer's plan to let first homebuyers draw on their superannuation.

Don't dismiss Joe's first homebuyer plan - it may be super

"If everyone can use 50K from your super towards their first home. First home price will increase by..."

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THE new Labor Government has scrapped plans to build the $440 million Mooloolah River Interchange, which would have resumed at least 90 homes.

Road resumptions halted: Labor axes $440m road plans

"Don't fret, i am sure a new project will be announced in a safe Labor area, that is completely useless..."

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<strong>OPINION:</strong> Clive Palmer has always struck me as a buffoon. Last week I changed my mind to a degree when he said the government had it wrong on the economy.

Clive correctly reads necessity to stimulate growth

"Spending more tax money, results in two things over the long term. We having to pay more tax $ and the..."

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