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"I trust nothing the so called scientific community have to say on any subject now days – it has become..."

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"The Government and Treasurer do not really want to hear from us – the ‘Strong Choices” survey web site..."

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"Clive is a clown and those who vote for him and his crack pot party - But i do agree with one thing..."

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"As a strong support of the LLNP I would say to the Treasurer – YOU HAVE GOT THIS WRONG. Yes Labour..."

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"The Big Issue with Electric cars is a simple one - in the near future it may be too dam costly to..."

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"The problem with appointing Lawyers to these positions is that you get another Lawyer, nothing changes."

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"Risking being fined and being fined are two different things - council knows where the parks and..."

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"As a retired Traffic Police officer I can tell you very clearly that Speed per say is not the main..."

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"Tough - thats the price you pay when you committ criminal offences - Let him rot in jail."

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