March 2015

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> BESIEGED Cook MP Billy Gordon has headed off the Labor Party's plan to expel him by resigning.

Rogue MP Billy Gordon quits Labor before being sacked

"This is what happens when political parties go hell bent into one way in order to win a seat without..."

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AUSTRALIA needs tax reform to prevent millions of people experiencing bracket creep, according to a government discussion paper.

Issues paper flags ‘lower, fairer’ tax: experts react

"Here is a novel idea - what Australia needs is for people not to expect that we the TAX payer pay for..."

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A STREET preacher who quoted from the Bible has been fined for using “threatening” language.

Preacher quotes the bible, fined for 'threatening' language

"Bit over the top. "

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THE State Government is under pressure to give first home buyers a bigger bite of the housing market.

Calls for incentives to help first home buyers

"The problem with Government getting involved and handing out public money – MY MONEY – is that builders..."

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AFTER long suspecting the rates on our property were very high, I consulted with neighbours to find our rates were actually double places far bigger than ours.

YOUR SAY: Council dodging backpay on wrong rates valuation?

"Councils are bad for Australia, time to abolish local councils - all they do is gouge money from rate..."

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There is action aplenty already coming from the Geneva motor show.

Geneva motor show 2015

"Don't like any of these what so ever. Why do manufactures spend so much on concept vehicle that will..."

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A RETIRING Supreme Court judge has revealed major tensions within the Queensland court system between judges and the Chief Justice.

Chief Justice rejects accusations of being a hypocrite

"Most are snakes and scrum - what is it that they are objecting to. Being correctly labelled now."

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A report from the Australia Institute is calling for a new tax on financial transactions known as a Tobin tax.

Australia Institute call for tax to protect normal investors

"Yep just put another TAX in place that will fix the problem What a joke. "

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JEREMY Clarkson has been sacked by the BBC for assaulting a producer on Top Gear, it has been confirmed.

Jeremy Clarkson sacked, Top Gear to have new host

"well that's the end of TOP Gear - they may as well shut it down now."

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WHILE weathering the usual Opposition jibing, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk argued the LNP’s leader had been “struggling for relevance”

Palaszczuk says LNP Opposition "struggling for relevance"

"Annastacia Palaszczuk & Labour are struggling for policies and have no idea – but like all labour when..."

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