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"It should be drafted into law and upheld strongly by the courts no matter what excuses are offered by..."

Commented on a story 9:33am Jul 30th

"Im confused...story says huish drive isnt being touched....and media releases have said the convention..."

Commented on a story 9:33am Jul 30th

"1. Gunna be a very hot stadium in this spot....cops sun till it goes pver the horizon......not being..."

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Commented on a story 9:32am Jul 29th

"So this guy has gone from the gold coast to mt morgan?? OMG...its like hes gone from possible..."

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"To Johnx 74.... Love ya post! Absolutely spot on!"

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"Is a farce really...every day should be a. Crackdown on illegal activity.. Trouble today with..."

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"Be nice to open thepaper without seeing Murphys mug or Any mention of Cap Enterprise or this stadium..."

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"Until they started to promote themselves on tv and in the paper crying foul ive never heard of their..."

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