August 2015

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AMONG the cries of ‘equal love and equal rights’ at Riverside Park yesterday, the steady beat of a drum and unique sound of an accordion were hard to miss

Hundreds march for marriage equality in Rockhampton

"I dont support same sex marriage myself but i do support any govt that has areferendum on theissue if..."

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FOR Rebecca Leeks, coming out as a homosexual woman in Rockhampton a decade ago was simply not an option.

Central QLD’s pride grows with Same Sex Marriage rally

"I dont support same sex marriage so i wont be there... Thats my right also to not support minority..."

July 2015

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SOME residents and business owners won’t have a bar of a proposal for a new shopping precinct on the Capricorn Coast.

Retailers reject new shopping precinct proposal

"I refuseto shop at Cedar park at all....just too expensive at theshopsive been to..."

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FOUR five and six star hotels, a new casino, 50 restaurants and bars, and open space for 26,000 people are promised as part of plans to redevelop Brisbane

Brisbane CBD casino revamp set to create 8000 jobs

"If nothing elseit puts theGKI marketingcircus ofthe 1500 jobs rubbishputback inits kennell at..."

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THE 2015-16 Livingstone budget will deliver a $4.4 million investment in water, waste and stormwater infrastructure in the next financial year.

Livingstone Shire Council budget focuses on water

"For the first time in yeArs i wAs out lAte on the beachfront area opp the Strand.. All i saw after..."

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MARRIAGE Equality Australia is bringing the equality fight to Rockhampton this weekend.

Marriage Equality events in Rockhampton this weekend

"Who cares...its not important! This is persoalstuff that doesnt deserve the coverage it gets...its..."

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OLYMPIC great Dawn Fraser shouldn't have bothered apologising for her so-called racist comment on Nick Krygios and Bernard Tomic's Wimbledon appearances.

Dawn Fraser need not have said sorry to Kyrgios

"Forget Dawn Zfraser...i havntseen any apology fromeithertennis player forthe waytheyonduct themselves..."

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FRIDAY 10.55AM: THE 'human' dog is still leading the poll for the craziest pet with just over an hour to go.

POLL: One hour left to vote for craziest pet

"Not sure about crazy pets but Zrockhampton hands down beats Toowoomba with the craziest polies who are..."

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“HEARTBREAKING” – that was the word Magistrate John Smith used to describe the photos of a female puppy that was almost starved to death by its owners.

Shocking neglect of puppy has owners banned for 10 yrs

"This judge is seriously deluded in what the public expect. Three months wholely susoended is a..."

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WHEN she peeled open the Suncorp envelope and pulled out her home insurance renewal letter, Berserker’s Susanne Young was stunned.

Marcia bites again: 175% insurance premium hike

"Oxdud its you that misses the point re insurance.. Pooling money has nothing to do with..."

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