June 2016

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A Sunshine Coast man has told of being blocked from an express train travelling through Brisbane's north because he was wearing a Blues jersey.

TOO FAR? Blues jersey cost this fan his train ride

"Typical blues, aleYs complaining. Let him walk home until he stops crying. In fact id go further..."

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JM Kelly boss decides to liquidate a branch of the company, but says no jobs will be lost.

Murphy cuts off 'snake's head' after losing $45.5 million

"Zero mention at all if all sub contractors have been paid??? Does the Bully ever ask well to do..."

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A FOUR-LANE highway to Gracemere is set to become reality after the Federal Election, with the Coalition pledging $60 million to support the project.

LISTEN: LNP pledges $60m for four lane highway in CQ

"Gees, ya gotta wonder where the money is coming from and more importantly when this project will start?..."

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LABOR candidate for Capricornia Leisa Neaton hit the campaign accelerator yesterday by pledging major four-lane highway plans for the region.

ALP pledges $139 million in CQ hwy and road upgrades

"Im no Landry fan but Neaton is tocking me off as well with her b/s promises. Please do tell Neaton..."

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AS WE get closer to polling day, The Bulletin takes a look at what pledges the Australian Labor Party has pledged so far for Capricornia:

FEDERAL ELECTION: ALP pledges for Capricornia so far

"Really gone off this candidate... The whole marketing campaign to date has been pretty..."

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THE state is pumping money into building business case into Capricornia Correctional Centre’s potential expansion, but the opposition says too little, too late.

Mander wants new Capricornia Correctional cells built today

"One only has to look at the track record of the LNP on upgrades at Etna over the years... Nothing..."

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The Queensland Government has allocated funds to update the business case for a 244 cell expansion of the Capricornia Correctional Centre (CCC).

Government looks at a 244 cell expansion at Rocky prison

"Ever since I can remember the prison screws have always complained about anything and everything..."

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DO you realise that Australia's high standard of living has been delivered by unions?

READER'S VIEW: Who is responsible for annual ‘wages case’

"Without question those that work end deserve penalty rates of some sort. Business is wanting it..."

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What's all this fuss and big bold headline about yet another politician's last-minute promise to rustle up a mere half-payment of $130m for the Rookwood Weir.

Can we please consider Capricornia’s needs

"Bernadette George often has an opinion but shes rarely correct. Sums up my feelings about how much i..."

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