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"Marksid....nah, his intervention during the howard years was the best thing he did mate...been downhill..."

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"So if Gallen is suspended then its only fair that Nsw should be stripped of the Origin..."

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"Worldsacred....Doblos idea is flawed.......he has no idea......please do tell who will be payong..."

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"Has anyone bothered tothink this levee is a double edged sword. Increased land prices will have a flow..."

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"Im all for this road but realistically the coast from yeppoon to emu park requires upgrading all long..."

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"Why are all the councillors not having anything to say in public on this issue? Are they just..."

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"This whole saga is so misleading... I guarantee i can make any study work in favour for anything i..."

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"I find it a bit stiff this item wasnt supported well. Maybe offer free jocks and all members may..."

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"Central Q.....its just typical union propaganda I can recall many many times screw from the prison..."

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