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"How very true r352, we can only rely on chance, while politicians and police make sure they are well..."

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"It's a shame that the same amount of thoroughness in pursuing Slipper hasn't/isn't being followed..."

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"The so called 'moderate' moslems lost the fight against their religions extremists years ago when they..."

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"The victims were/are to be randomly plucked from the streets. The politicians and their coward mates..."

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"Abbott 'manage' something? Recent history shows he is incapable of it , unless it is accompanied by a..."

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"Jamieson is mayor of the wrong place. You need to be on the tacky Gold Coast mate. Do us all a..."

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"Islam is on the march all over the world. This mosque is just another step in that march. Of course..."

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"Possibly it's game over judging by current events..."

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"Most people are incapable of driving at 110 and being out in amongst them on the way to Brisbane each..."

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