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"We are there supposedly helping Iraq and Iraq are helping ISIS. Not surprised one bit. "

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"It's called 'Globalisation' folks and the politicians tell us it's good for our economy. Only..."

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"A politician lecturing the population there are 'no free lunches?' Really? Jones, your job is all..."

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"Won't eat 'barramundi' unless I catch it. I spent many years living in Wyndham, on Cambridge Gulf and..."

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"The greater Australian community has been shafted by LNP governments, both state AND federal, as they..."

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"What a great story, I enjoyed reading that. My working dogs were my life too, many long years ago. It..."

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"Yeah sargo, cancel the passports after they have left, makes more sense. Now we have a tribe of wannabe..."

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"Makes Hockeys 'heavy lifting' call the sick joke (on battlers), it always was. I would expect nothing..."

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