May 2015

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Daniel BurdonxCATHOLIC leader Cardinal George Pell could again be brought before a royal commission on child sexual abuse

Cardinal George Pell could again face Royal Commission

"Pell knows he is lying, you can see it in his face...."

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TRUE love has come to a tragic end with two soul- mates sitting side by side, hand in hand, heads on each other’s shoulders, beginning their eternal rest.

Couple kept burdens a secret before ending lives

"Once again RWAC I agree with your point of view, especially on this as the partner of someone with a..."

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PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk says she will not let Queensland stand “on the sidelines” when it comes to trialling medical marijuana.

Palaszczuk: cannabis oil use should be investigated

"All the research, (and there is plenty of it), has been done overseas for decades. Stop stuffing around..."

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MORE than three-quarters of the initial search area where MH370 was believed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean has now been checked.

MH370 search area nearly covered

"I think the budget allowed $79m for the search. So far drawn a blank. They need Tony's help again, like..."

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THE LNP has handed the government its first defeat in the hung parliament,  winning its motion to keep the surgery wait time guarantee.

LNP keeps surgery wait time guarantee with help of Gordon

"Springborg's 'tainted vote' scenario now haunts HIM. We now have the Gordon/LNP party. If it wasn't..."

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FREE online access to news stories on Australian Regional Media websites is a step closer to ending.

APN moves towards metered paywall for ARM news websites

"I'm gone, Murdoch can rot. I won't pay him a ransom."

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THEY are no phantom menace; the cattle in Queensland are now under attack from drones in a robot round up.

Need to round up some cattle? Send in the drones

"I saw them being used for mustering sheep in the South Island, NZ near Queenstown about 18 months ago."

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