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"Same old , same old , Viewer. Both Federal and State Govt's along with many of the 300 Councils in..."

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"All good to have a bit of a laugh about this thing but... Bio Security needs a big shake-up in..."

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Well Viewer ...

Reflection on Christmas.

26 Nov 2014

Well Viewer ...

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"Perhaps they are also asking for longer smoke breaks and move me car breaks. Just to keep ' awards '..."

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"I would have thought that instead of looking at workers wages , time away from home etc. at this..."

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"With the current attitude of some Toowoomba drivers , one thing that might be modified is the..."

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"I see were back on the fags this week. Spose next week we will again visit fizzy drink sugar..."

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"Could also be said that , if the teacher made a reply to this yarn. Said teacher could also suffer a..."

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"agree.. The report above is no more that a small part of an issue between one to three students /..."

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