November 2015

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THE Sunshine Coast will be the healthiest place on earth by the year 2030 according to a future visioning exercise.

Youth vision sees blue skies ahead for our Sunshine Coast

"In reality is by 2030, the sunny coast will look identical to the Gold Coast"

March 2015

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THE last thing Sam Borowski expected when taking his dog, Buddy, for a walk along Buddina beach at 6.15am was council officer giving him a fine.

Walking the dog a no-no at beach

"Ignorance is bliss for a majority of dog owners"

February 2015

January 2014

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I DON'T normally like riddles but here’s one that is so easy to answer than any drongo driver will get it right.

Oi! What part of 80kmh don't you get?

"The Kawana shopping centre speed signs, stated for months, a 40kmh zone, yet the road works were off on..."

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<strong>LETTER OF THE DAY:</strong> Spectators at the tennis are threatened with eviction if they make too much noise. I suggest that the same regulation applies to the players.

Timewasters and grunters sour tennis

"Its a wonder no player has thought of it yet or the marketing departments, but instead of the screech..."

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SUNSHINE Coast MP Peter Wellington has called for a “show of community outrage” after five alleged bikies were jailed under new laws.

MP calls for public outrage at bikie laws

"Every time I get breathalysed, I think, why? Why am I being harassed by Police? "

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WARREN Lennon doesn’t mind protesters picketing his circus, as long as they’re respectful to him and his customers.

Protesters plan to picket touring circus over animals

"Jut wondering Cailin, why are you not protesting Australia zoo, do they not do exactly the same thing..."

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