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""Todd, who has only lived in Rockhampton for eight months, said the majority of people were all for..."

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" "I think we must be mindful of the demographics we have in Central Queensland, with our heavy..."

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"And a big I agree from me Gilly, and also to your footy mates and all others who have supported you on..."

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" "Of Course it does, food, alcohol, lack of exercise... none of these would contribute" Yeah..."

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"Great that this "big star" had such a normal childhood and a loving, supportive family."

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""BRONWYN Fenech owns a gurney - and she's not afraid to use it." Conjures up some comical images, most..."

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""It took a study to find this out." Yep, and from no less than a Professor. "

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"Always believed if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, still do. "

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"Tôugh for staff that lose their jobs, but plenty of options remain for Rockyites to continue to shop..."

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"Tough lesson, while he may be caught you can kiss any money good today."

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