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""Who cares. Parking is only an issue for the hordes of lazy fat people who cant waddle a few hundred..."

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"She would "make sure this issue is a local priority and will examine all possible solutions to resolve..."

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"You say "Give it a rest binone. Kym appears in the paper from time to time, and all older Rocky people..."

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"Perhaps along with the full? photos Pam McKay ( TMB journo) may settle once and for all the debate on..."

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"You say "Just because you were an Olympian does mean you have extra rights." Good to see that you..."

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"The headline should be One in Six Queensland parents either does not know or care that their child is..."

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""I know what I did, I did wrong. I didn't know what I was doing at the time." You accept it is your..."

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""Good luck to them completely ...I think he is a gorgeous guy that made a bloody terrible mistake..."

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