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""I'll agree with you... they approve everything and do no traffic management at all." I would like..."

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"Agree wholeheartedly Andrew. I know first hand how much money, time and effort it takes to run an event..."

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"Everyone is very quick to point the finger at council about this - if the application is consistent..."

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"Look I don't personally think it was wise that Woolies used a donut in this billboard however what many..."

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"Love every word Andrew! I don't envy your position at all. "

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"You are kidding? I worked until 10pm as a 17 year old. Why should all teenagers get punished for a..."

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"I did do a flood search and it said that my property was under all of the flood lines. What it didn't..."

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"This young girl loves her books (anything with a dog in it is her favourite) and would happliy be read..."

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"As the parent of this child your comment is completely disrespectful and rude. Who do you think sits..."

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