April 2015

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A GRANDMOTHER says a motorcycle gang's disruption of an Anzac Day Dawn Service was "despicable" and shocked the hundreds  who were paying their respects.

The din was horrendous: Motorcycle gang drowns out Last Post

"Gutless cowards that have to hang around in groups have no place on Anzac Day."

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A METH dealer who repeatedly handed himself into police for various crimes was “screaming out for help” a court has heard.

Meth dealer was 'screaming out for help'

"Sentenced to 7 years jail, yet eligible to apply for parole in one year? Why bother even putting him..."

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THE Sunshine Coast has 12 cafes in Beanhunter's top 100 cafes for 2015.

Sunshine Coast cafes rank highly in Beanhunter top 100

"Beanhunter uses algorithms to find the best coffee places??? I use my taste buds. Where are Emilia's..."

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IT’S time we all got together and said loudly ‘enough is enough’.

SOAPBOX: Workplace safety bubblewrap rules are hurting us

"Most politicians are lawyers. Enough said."

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TANYA Beech, Mark Skinner and Glenn Wiggins are preparing for a mini economic boon driven by sun, sand, surf and four-wheel-drives.

Beach could drive up tourism operators’ take

"You still want to use our airport."

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