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"I'm shattered! Lisa and her mother have built up a great little cafe with a unique range of food and..."

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"If you want the equivalent service for alcoholics, contact ATODS and see if the Antabuse program is..."

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" Avery good question, Oldermum, although I didn't take it from the article that the bottles were all..."

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"That's correct, taking an illegal drug isn't a crime: possession of an illegal drug is. As far as I..."

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"There are a few factual and logical gaps in your comments, BusOwner. Is the figure of 100's of..."

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""liquor", being an addict isn't a crime, any more than simply being a drunk isn't a crime."

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"Oldermum, I'll be following this story like a hawk to see what the police uncover. It's extremely..."

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"Here it goes again. Ipswich Bus Owner, you know perfectly well that people on the methadone program..."

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"You're right, 'halibut': reasons are not excuses. There may well be a case to be made for provision of..."

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