February 2015

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IPSWICH residents are set to receive a post-Christmas bonus of more than half a million dollars after the council waived 6170 unlawful parking fines.

It's raining money as council waives fines

"The usual suspects are whining again. If it was raining cash, they'd blame the Council for not giving..."

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A DISTRAUGHT grandmother left the courtroom in tears as she listened to how her two granddaughters had been sexually abused by their stepfather.

Family outrage: child rapist could be out in 18 months

"Without being there to hear exactly what was said, any opinions about the appropriateness of the..."

January 2015

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PATRICIA Petersen gave voters a "surprise" at pre-polling on Monday when she was decked out in a bikini and other assorted beach wear to celebrate Australia Day.

Petersen, Petersen, Petersen ... oi, oi, oi

"Where was Patricia Petersen after the last state election? She effectively vanished, just as she did..."

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October 2014

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IPSWICH Hospital's near perfect record on waiting lists has been questioned in a report by Queensland's Auditor-General.

Waiting lists at Ipswich Hospital 'open to manipulation'

"What a shock, said no Ipswich person ever."

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IN LIFE he was treated disgracefully. In death, nothing much has changed.

Bunglers stump campaign to honour Eddie Gilbert

"How easy it is to dump the blame on faceless "bureaucrats" when things go wrong! Ministers do it all..."

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MEDICARE Riverlink is the latest branch set to close as the Federal Government shuts stand-alone offices.

Petition urges rethink on Medicare closure

"The people who will be hit hardest are those who can't access "alternative ways" of dealing with..."

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A FUNDING injection of more than $175,000 will boost services in the Ipswich region to help address stretched resources for mental health programs.

Shot in the arm for area's mental health treatment

"$175,000? This is a derisory sum in relation to the unmet need in the Ipswich region, barely twice the..."

August 2014

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AFTER two years of providing fresh, delicious food to the Top of Town Urban Pantry owner Lisa Tatton has decided to sell the popular Ipswich coffee shop.

Your chance to have free coffee every day

"I'm shattered! Lisa and her mother have built up a great little cafe with a unique range of food and..."

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POLICE have uncovered a stash of nearly 200 bottles of methadone during an early morning search of an Ipswich property.

Police net 191 bottles of methadone in early morning raid

"If you want the equivalent service for alcoholics, contact ATODS and see if the Antabuse program is..."

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