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"IpsBusOwner, I don't work for a drug and alcohol service, and I don't work in any government..."

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"There would be plenty of "these people" in any locality. The difference is that people with the..."

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"Very amusing. All the neighbourhood kids could pester their mums and dads to get some too."

Commented on a story 7:34am Jun 30th

"Unsafe how? Do you think drug addiction is infectious or what? Besides, the dosing clinic isn't in..."

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"Why a mobile dispensary? I appreciate the attempt to come up with a real solution, but what would be..."

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"At the Safe City Conference held here in Ipswich just 2 weeks ago, statements were made of: ""

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"Ipswich_robert, assuming your comment isn't a joke, that's exactly what the dosing clinic is for. It..."

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"Andrew Antoniolli, I will oppose you as hard as I can on this. Frankly, (if your quoted words are..."

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"Oh dear. Here we go again. <sigh> Yes, Judge-Mental, if you were a white Australian in India and an..."

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"I know you're waiting for me to feed you the line, Judge-Mental, so okay, tell us. What exactly are..."

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