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"Interesting to note that the Dental wait list was the Federal Labor Govt, that wait lists in many areas..."

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"More nonsense from the self proclaimed maverick MP for Manhattan , most kids are good kids who'll never..."

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"As Glen Elms did nothing put pat people on the head last time he was in Ipswich on this issue, and the..."

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"The unemployment figures for Ipswich and Queensland are higher under the LNP, fact. The unemployment..."

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"Actually the LNP sold more of Aurizon, but pails in comparison to the 21.000 people sacked by Choat and..."

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"Never let facts get in the way again, Ipsbusowmer! I attended many skills graduation ceremonies ..."

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"The two usual suspects here again missing out on the facts. Training in the areas where skills..."

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"Unlike the claims of the LNP, Labor has a binding caucus and you may be expelled. The LNP claim they..."

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"In those Facts, you see she spoke about those issues in Hansard as well, her opposition is clear and..."

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