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"So Weatherall thinks Council should give him the money instead. Well there's a surprise. Some great..."

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"Interesting theory. Load up the project with hidden internal costs, leak it to the press and presto..."

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"Not sure, seems a reasonable figure. 1.7M spent by event for starters, plus spending by 21000 people."

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"So put another way, Caloundra Music Festival ticket sales doubled, produced $6.8 million economic..."

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"Surprise surprise Hoffman and another anti Jamieson sledge."

A SUNSHINE Coast senior councillor has broken ranks on de-amalgamation.

Mayor 'got it wrong'

22 Dec 2012

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"Bill Hoffman seems to have a personal vendetta against Mark Jamieson. I challenge Hoffman to write..."

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"It's an old trick, load up the costs to justify the axing of a project/department etc. Not a good..."

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"The PGA have no interest in the coast. They will sell out to the highest bidder."

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