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"Self funded retiree myself , worked hard, saved hard, invested smart, didn't waste money and stopped..."

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"My wife works for the Govt and if quite computer literate - its not the software that is the issue most..."

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""A two-night package at Wilson Island is $463 per person, per night (based on twin share occupancy)"..."

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"For a few days every 10 years or so - big deal."

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"So the bogans don't glass or should that be mug each other, mind you do bogans drink coffee that..."

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""It will stretch from the bottom end of Quay St across the flood plain and around Port Curtis. It will..."

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"It amazes me that most of Brisbane's most expensive and desirable real estate and restaurant areas are..."

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""If it goes ahead I'd like to see a lot of Depot Hill and other areas set aside for massive growth..."

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"WE? Speak for yourself buddy, not me."

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