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"Due to the structure of taxis the Taxi companies do not care about the Rank Marshals. The drivers who..."

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"An over regulated industry with the wrong structure, put the customers in charge and give them the..."

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"The quality of drivers will never be good if they are paid peanuts. Taxis have the wrong structure and..."

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"The structure of taxis allows an unreliable service seriously affecting many in our communities, a..."

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"A new website will be available for taxi complaints and discussion including surveys late today or..."

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"If he owns licences obviously will be exploiting drivers and showing no care for the customer. $7-$10..."

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"The taxi bluff show roles on, customers struggle for services, drivers are exploited. The structure of..."

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"Taxi drivers are exploited and placed into horrible and dangerous situations. Taxi investors and..."

IPSWICH has a chronic shortage of taxi drivers, with 15 new drivers needed now at Yellow Cabs.

Call's out for cabs

12 Nov 2012

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"Taxi drivers are allowed to have an opinion, booking company's do not provide the taxi service, they..."

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