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"Where in this story is Abbott or Australia even mentioned. Your post is completely irrelevant. "

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""The only way to stop this conflict is to blockade the region preventing more weapons, food and..."

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"I've never understood golf carts. I thought the object of a round of golf, was to play a game where..."

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"Ok Peter_Keating, that's two feet you've blown away because you did not read correctly. Vagabond..."

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"This may come as a shock to you, but she did have a phone as stated in the story. "He used..."

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"Largest military forces:- Vietnam................5.5 million North Korea.........5.1 million India..."

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"It was Joyce who decided unilaterally to ground Qantas, for which he got his ass kicked by all and..."

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""Is this the new Australian way" No, it's an Irish joke, but who's laughing."

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"Wednesday 1st October. Business class Sydney to London return. KLM $6,020 Thai $6,535 Qantas..."

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"This bloke is a walking disaster. In 2008/2009 all airlines went through a horrific downturn, but..."

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