September 2016

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Hinkler could be one of the few electorates to vote no to same-sex marriage.

This electorate might vote no on same-sex marriage

"Totally agree with you JanetK."

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TOOWOOMBA residents are disputing a poll that showed the Groom electorate would likely oppose same-sex marriage.

Residents vocal in support of gay marriage despite poll

" When I read yesterday's story on this topic it was nothing short of laughable. once again the..."

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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has revealed the decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW was made before he was consulted

Greyhound ban a balloon in the wind: Joyce

"You've been blind sided mate. Now you know how the ordinary folk feel on a regular basis because of the..."

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> A printer has reportedly pulled out from publishing a book on same sex marriage written by a Toowoomba doctor.

Gays to infiltrate book launch, printer backs out

"Why would you help promote a bigoted view on sexuality from an author that belongs to a minority cult..."

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BRITTANY Lauga's parliamentary neighbour has slammed the LNP for using question time to ask about allegations surrounding the Keppel MP's husband.

'I thought Tim Nicholls was more substantive'

"Tim Nicholls substantive ? What planet are you on Bill ? You must be joking right ?."

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