October 2016

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<strong>YOUR SAY:</strong> I am compelled to write a response to a recent article about abolishing porn in Toowoomba.

Porn debate paints all men as monsters

"S Gannon : You really should stop taking to heart all that these bible bashers come out with or the..."

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MELANIA Trump has claimed her husband was ‘egged on’ to make controversial comments about women on a hot microphone in 2005.

Melania Trump says husband 'egged on' about women

"Trump adequately displays that he doesn't need any egging on ever. His runaway mouth needs no..."

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A RALLY against pornography has stirred a raging debate in Toowoomba, accompanied by a flood of memes.

Porn debate sparks flood of hilarious memes

"All of 200 attended the rally out of our population of 130,000. That's quiet a big number of brethren..."

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A DISPUTE between aboriginal groups, Toowoomba Second Range Crossing builder Nexus and the Department of Transport and Main Roads has spread to a second location.

Bypass protest spreads to ancient lookout at Murphys Ck

"Its funny you don't ever see them protesting the dole office with their offensive weapons. Police..."

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Pauline Hanson says Mr Trumps comments are no worse than what a lot of men or women say

Pauline Hanson on Trump: "Lots of men say horrific things"

"No Pauline I disagree, Real men are NOT that disrespectful. We would not even dream of doing such..."

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A ROCKHAMPTON Senator says environmental groups that challenge mining companies in the courts are abusing the legal system.

Senator attacks environmental groups

" I don't always agree with Senator Canavan's views, But in this case I am in complete agreeance with..."

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