July 2016

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THE judge who jailed Harriet Wran over her involvement in a murder says most prison terms  are “excessive” and they are not always “deterrents” from crime.

Criminals shouldn't "suffer" for crimes, says judge

"This Justice is a disgrace to the Judiciary and the community expectations of even harsher penalties..."

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WE can reveal the driving habit that sends Toowoomba motorists crazy.

Toowoomba drivers hate this more than anything else

"If motorists paid more attention to what's in front of them instead of what's behind them everyone will..."

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THE State Government’s $40 million election promise to create jobs for Queenslanders now and in the future is struggling to get off the ground.

Jobs Queensland is a 'laughing stock': Bleijie

"Would that be the same laughing stock the he himself is ? "

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LITTLE did Toowoomba Regional Council plant operator Trevor Woodcock expect that a six-week job offer in 1976 would turn into a 40-year working career.

Council worker retires after 40 years on the job

"Congratulations Trev on your magnificent effort, dedication and contribution to the community . Thank..."

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A CAFE serving slow and fast food is hoping to cash in on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing.

Cafe hopes to cash in on Toowoomba bypass boom

"Don't place your hopes on Interlink, They haven't put their hands in their own pockets as yet to spend..."

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