February 2016

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TOOWOOMBA woman Carolyn Cranch has put her name forward as a candidate for Toowoomba Regional Council.

Candidate vows to focus on social and economic issues

"Oh really ! I think you need to bring considerably more than that to the table. There are enough..."

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A HOUSING development planned for Highfields has stalled in committee meetings after a disagreement over the widths of streets.

Highfields housing development stalls in council meeting

"Totally agree with you."

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IT’S been a year since the State Government election, but what have Toowoomba’s local members done for the city?

What have your State Govt politicians done this year

" You can't flog a dead horse."

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MURRAY Choat has indicated that he will again stand for Toowoomba Regional Council in the upcoming election.

Choat has another attempt at Toowoomba Regional Council

"So why wait till the 11th hour to put your hand up. What's the point of all you unknown termites..."

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I’VE been thinking a lot lately about what age means. I’m not really sure how I feel about age.

OPINION: Does the term 'senior' erase individuality?

" At 32 years of age and you are buying anti aging creams ?? I'd say you have a mental issue and not..."

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IPSWICH-based developers are behind a plan to build a multi-storey project at the site of defunct Weis Restaurant.

Developers propose $38m retirement village at Weis site

" " Cr Cahill said the area was the gateway into Toowoomba and that the aesthetics of the development..."

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