April 2016

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WINTER is fast approaching and it is set to be extra chilly with snow predicted to fall on the Darling Downs.

Residents excited for forecasted snow this winter

"Predictions or hallucinations ??? "

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IN SIX months the first stage of Toowoomba's $500 million Grand Central shopping centre will be complete. Here are 11 new shops we think should open there.

11 more stores that need to open in Grand Central

" Hooters lol"

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MANY Queenslanders won’t care much about changes to our voting system rushed through Parliament last night. But they should.

Scrapping Vote 1 in Qld: Why we all should care

"You obviously support career politicians Mark. Well i'm sorry but I don't. I want to vote for..."

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<strong>BREAKING: </strong>Authorities have issued a warning over two men selling electrical goods from the back of a van in Toowoomba shopping centres.

SCAM WARNING: Avoid Toowoomba’s van salesmen

"I was approached by these two guys in the van at the Range shopping centre car park yesterday trying to..."

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HERE’S an important tip to motorists caught in traffic on the Bruce Highway, just because your car is a four-wheel drive doesn’t mean you can go off-road.

What not to do when caught in Bruce Hwy traffic jam

"That problem is easily solved ... Leave the idiots there ."

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Tough times in the Sunshine State as Queensland returns an unemployment rate above the national average.

Figures show Queensland's economy in trouble

""CCIQ takes no pleasure highlighting poor economic performance but we do believe it is time to take off..."

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