May 2016

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A PAKISTANI Islamic council has sparked outrage after suggesting husbands may “lightly beat” their wives as a form of discipline

Men may "lightly" beat their wives, says Islamic council

"Maybe in your God forsaken hole in the World but certainly not here in Australia."

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Deputy prime minister says Depp dogs could have brought in rabies

Joyce defends asylum seeker comments and feud with Depp

"Throw Pistol Barnaby and boo into the pound "

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CONSTRUCTION of the second Bunnings warehouse at the former foundry site has Mayor Paul Antonio still concerned about the development.

Mayor concerned about impact of second Bunnings store

"What sort of comments are these from our Mayor ?? He should be fully up to speed on the issues of this..."

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THE State Government has moved forward with its plans to make a former Linc Energy executive cover the multi-million dollar clean-up cost at Chinchilla.

Linc Energy executive given notice for Chinchilla clean up

"5 million is a long way short of the estimated 28 million, Who's paying the remainder ?."

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Jones and Turnbull buried the hatchet this morning with the PM appearing on 2GB and talking amicably with the king of talkback.

Jones and Turnbull make up on air

"King of talk back ? Where do you get that tripe from ?."

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HOLLYWOOD heavyweight Johnny Depp has once again taken aim at Australian Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce, saying he looked as though he was “inbred with a tomato”.

Barnaby Joyce: I'm becoming Johnny Depp's Hannibal Lecter

"You could well be right Jonny, But I suggest he's closer related to a Muppet ."

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Already on notice from Australian Olympic Committee officials for his behaviour, Nick Kyrgios did himself no favours in his 7-6 7-6 6-4 win in Paris

Another outburst from naughty Nick

"He needs one of those anti barking collars that dogs wear. That will shut him up."

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JUST looking at the photo of Constable Mairead Devlin, I am amazed to see all the equipment he has to carry and obviously what is needed to keep the peace.

LETTER: Our new police officers look like pack horses

"Poor buggers look more like a Swiss Army knife than a Policeman."

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