August 2016

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<strong>BREAKING:</strong> A private mental health hospital close to Toowoomba Hospital has been approved by Toowoomba Regional Council.

Private mental health hospital wins council approval

"" Heal All says the proximity to the existing hospital will give patients at the new facility direct..."

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A TEENAGE P-plater received a valuable - and expensive - driving lesson after crashing his car into an East Toowoomba home.

How much it costs to crash your car into a house

"And who pays to fix the fence ?"

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NEW Zealanders, not Muslims, are most likely to complain about discrimination in Australia according to a landmark report.

Kiwis, Muslims tell of discrimination in Australia

"They don't call them South Sea Poms for nothing among other things. But they still keep coming here in..."

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<strong>BREAKING: </strong>A prominent Toowoomba CBD property that last sold a decade ago for $3.3m has been listed for sale for an extraordinary $11m.

Most expensive property in the CBD going for cool $11m

"Talk about opportunistic scalping. "

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<strong>BREAKING:</strong> The opportunity to build an 11-storey high rise in the Toowoomba CBD has become available.

$45m CBD apartment high-rise site on market

"Nothing but grandiose idea's and bluster, Nothing has changed except for reality coming home to bite of..."

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FOR those looking to join the home buyers market in Toowoomba, now is a perfect time.

Falling prices: Smart home buyers purchase now

" "We will see property prices increase to a great degree." Smart buyers will not be paying your..."

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A DARLING Downs police officer battling stage-four cancer has been overwhelmed by the generosity of his mates behind an inspiring and mammoth backyard blitz.

Mates launch backyard blitz for cop battling cancer

"Stories like this about mate-ship when the chips are down are so heart warming. You see precious..."

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WHETHER the Census was hacked or whether it failed as millions of Australians attempted to log-on at the same time doesn’t matter. Labor wants heads to roll.

Should this man resign over the Census debacle?

"In hindsight it turned out to be a bad call to go digital. But this fiasco has also highlighted many..."

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