July 2015

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WARREN Truss is playing hardball on a funding freeze that is costing our region $1.5 million.

Toowoomba council feels pinch of $1.5m funding freeze

" What is simple Mr Mayor is the fact that when there is a shortfall in the household income like your..."

June 2015

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<strong>JOHNO'S SAY: </strong>Something horrible has happened! A sex shop has opened in Russell St!

A sex shop in Russell St ... not good, just saying

" I think its a good thing that the owners have chosen to move their business from Ruthven street. But..."

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OUR weekly catch-up with Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Andrew Wielandt.

Chamber chat: Retailers enjoy positive period

" The budget incentive to small business is supposed to be so small business can employ more staff not..."

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YOU better believe it, Bieber's in Oz for a church conference.

Better believe it, Justin Bieber at Hillsong conference

"Another undesirable alien. "

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THE mother-in-law of Australia's most infamous Islamic State radical says the AFP refused to help her family flea Syria when she pleaded with them last year.

'The AFP refused to help us': Sharrouf's mother-in-law

"Sorry ! But the crocodile tears don't work for me. "

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PRIME Minister Tony Abbott says the change in United States laws allowing gay couples to marry has not changed his mind on the topic.

Abbott’s mind not changed on gay marriage

" " Mr Abbott said what happened in the United States was "a matter for the United States". Its just a..."

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QUEENSLAND’S tough new practical driving tests are so hard that one person failed it five times during the pilot stage.

Driver trainer wants test to be extended

" I do not agree with this instructors views regarding extending test times. As every driver knows ..."

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YOUR child has almost a 50-50 chance of failing Queensland’s tough new driving test – and you will pay up to $230 each time they re-sit the exam.

Tough new laws for learner drivers roll out Monday

" If it means saving a young life it has to be a good thing."

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