December 2015

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Aurizon has confirmed they have closed the Charleville rail depot.

Charleville rail depot closed by Aurizon

"Maybe the State Government should be investigating if Aurizon are fit and proper to be running the rail..."

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EVEN after being thrown out of his Prime Ministerial throne, Tony Abbott says he would still have "died happy" on the back of his successes

Abbott would have 'died happy' after losing leadership

"Good for you Tony o'l chap. Thanks to your self confidence you had at least one supporter ."

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November 2015

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THE DEADLY floods that devastated Toowoomba, Oakey and Grantham were exacerbated by warming oceans, according to new research.

Toowoomba floods 'made worse' by warm oceans

"So much for all the bright sparks claiming 1/100 year floods. "

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BILL CAHILL has positioned himself as an advocate of the people as he starts his re-election bid.

Bill Cahill announces another tilt at Toowoomba council

"Ahhh! Geeeez sorry Bill, Your way too late mate. I didn't think you was running so I chose another..."

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SMOKERS will be slugged $40 for a packet of 25 cigarettes if Labor wins the next Federal election.

$40 for a pack of cigarettes: ALP plan to curb smoking

"What a load of rubbish . It has nothing to do with health and all to do with revenue. The more that..."

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<strong>YOUR SAY:</strong> The hysteria has already started about the radioactive waste dump.

Nuclear dump on par with 'radioactive' Helidon Spa

"Along with all those that you mention Stephen You seem to have forgotten all of us that have ever had..."

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