August 2016

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A prime 5.5ha vacant beach front site is about to be developed to accommodate a surprising range of uses in a location that will catch many by surprise.

Developer announces plans for prime 1.2km beach frontage

"Interesting to note the development is alongside the Aerodrome. Just the thing to ensure there is a..."

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'We all pay for the ABC's existence so we may all have an individual view. It would never hurt for there to be an inquiry and if necessary, a clean-out.'

LETTER: Inquiry into ABC bias would clear the air

""The option is for the Parliament to make the ruling and then there would be screams of "we were not..."

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SMOKERS have only a few more days to kick the habit or face steep fines of up to $2,438 for lighting up in the wrong place.

Smoking laws explained: The $2,438 cost of lighting up

"The government collects around 8 billion dollars in tobacco excise each year. That's a lot of cash."

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A ROCKY planet that might have aliens on it has been found, close enough that we could travel there.

"Second Earth" discovered, just beyond our solar system

"future generations of space craft might be abel(ABLE )to travel there,"

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VERTICAL retirement living could be the way of the future for our aging residents.

Is the future high for the Coast's elderly?

"You are going to have to hope, the doors are wide enough for the wheelchairs. There is enough room to..."

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It makes sense then that inland areas pay more to fill up their cars than those who live within an hour or two of a major shipping terminal, right?

Why do more rural areas have cheaper fuel than us?

"I still can't understand how there can be a Cycle in prices. The servo buys fuel at say $1.00 a litre..."

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STOCKLAND are about to take the granny flat to a whole new level with $63m retirement village project.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Gran Central' $63m retiree resort coming

"Interesting to see Oceanside Retirement Village on a canal, about 2 Kilometres from the ocean"

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WHY the state and federal governments spending more than $1 billion on the Bruce Highway will bring major pain to the Sunshine Coast.

Big disruptions on Bruce Hwy to come over next two years

" 'Mr Turner said the highway was already congested. Regular commuters should either allow more time..."

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MORE than 6000 participants were due to pound the pavement in the Sunshine Coast Marathon today.

Full house as Coast marathon runners hit the pavement

"Map would be good!!"

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PARTING is such sweet sorry, especially when you are letting go of a 1959 Beetle for the sake of another.

A cool $25,000 will buy you an ever cooler car

"and a 1950 Cadillac Coupe' de Ville We live in Australia, there is an accent on the e' (COUPAY)"

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