July 2015

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WHEN Teresa Young watches her son reading, she can’t believe how much things have changed.

Reading program brings out the bookworm in young students

"And a big phone bill. Better to use Skype!!"

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SUNSHINE Coast-based dredging and civil construction company Hall Contracting has won a $27mil contract to carry out remediation work at Ranger Uranium Mine.

Construction company wins $27m uranium contract in NT

"I congratulate Hall Contracting for winning the contract. It will be a messy job..."

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A SCIENTIST responsible for finding signs of life on other planets has warned that human beings should probably think twice before making contact with aliens.

Scientist: 'think twice before replying to alien signals'

"The whole tenet of "Alien Radio Signals" supposes Aliens communicate with Radio. Also Science supposes..."

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A STATE Government decision to reallocate land bought for the Traveston Dam to indigenous culture has received a mixed response from Sunshine Coast Council.

Indigenous group to return to Mary River property

"So then, this is not "Traditional" Land, or "Sacred" Land. It is a commercial enterprise by the..."

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HOUSE of Representatives Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has described allegations she misused her travel allowance as a "political beat-up".

Bronwyn Bishop says helicopter issue 'a beat-up'

"And it was NOVEMBER, eight months ago. As for Peter Slipper, he only owed less than a thousand and lost..."

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DID you know Yandina is one of the oldest towns on the Sunshine Coast?

Looking back: Yandina led way in Coast’s growth

"Thanks for the history information, an overlay of maps, then and now would be handy. Like "Maroochy and..."

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ONE of the go-to demands of road-raging drivers is once again on the table in NSW: mandatory licences for cyclists.

Minister "increasingly persuaded" cyclists need licences

"It is amazing, with so many "bike tracks' beside our roads, Cyclists insist on riding on the road."

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WITH no hope in the State Budget for funding the Coast's rail offering, local commuters have had enough.

READERS DISCUSS: Where's Coast's share of the rail funding

"Could it possibly be that the Sunny Coast is a "Safe LNP seat', and therefore being punished for that??..."

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SHADOW Health Minister Mark McArdle today tabled his Bill in State Parliament to ban smoking in certain public areas.

Coast MP moves to have smoking banned from public spaces

"Drinking alcohol and driving can be fatal, or finish up as a long term health case. Why not ban those..."

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WORKERS who duck out of the office for quick puffs of nicotine throughout the day end up working four hours less a week than their non-smoking colleagues.

Fair? Smokers take extra four-hour breaks each week at work

""while others require workers to move away from company buildings.' This will only make the smoke..."

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