December 2015

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AUSTRALIANS should not simply expect to receive an age pension, says Treasurer Scott Morrison, as he flags major changes to how workers prepare for retirement.

Australians shouldn't expect age pension, says Treasurer

"For someone who worked for 45 years, under the understanding that the taxes I paid where paid to the..."

November 2015

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MONIQUE Ashmore goes home each night in tears and with a migraine as she watches a business she has put her life into slowly die.

Local business suffers at the hand of council roadworks

"With the consequent disruption to ALL of the businesses, the fact that "The work was scheduled after..."

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SMOKING bans in prisons may have started to reduce tobacco consumption among inmates, whose mental health appears to be improving.

Smoking bans in prisons improving inmate quality of life

"Good to know we are turning out healthy and fitter prisoners!!"

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NO ONE’S calling it the Toilet Tax, but that’s the reality facing Gladstone sports clubs – remove toilets or pay per pan.

Sporting clubs bogged down by ‘toilet tax’

""for new projects such as upgrading the bathrooms or the bar area." Top Club that, even have..."

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THE saying goes 'a picture tells a thousand words'. This one certainly created thousands of words among the Daily's Facebook followers.

Tempers flare as discussion ignites over road use

"Even if there IS a bike path, Cyclists insist on riding on tha asphalt because it is smoother. Mainly..."

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Business case development process may not guarantee action taken, even if the Beerburrum-Nambour line duplication stacks up

Commuter frustrated rail duplication is still uncertain

"By the time all of the consultations are in, it will be stalled again for a case for duplication to..."

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A LATE night police escort, blocked driveways and no power or water.

Villa owners dig in at Clive's resort as water, power cut

"As it happens, it is illegal to cut off water, particularly if it is used for sanitary purposes viz:..."

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HAVE you ever wondered what you will say to someone in ten years’ time when they ask why the Sunshine Coast hasn’t kept up with the rest of the country?

COLUMN: Be part of a positive airport plan

"I am one of the few who have stated my opinion on the haveyoursay website. It'll be nice to be able to..."

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