May 2015

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THE tightening of parking restrictions at Maroochydore’s Big Top Market Fresh shopping centre has drawn a strong reaction from traders and workers.

Big Top employees in parking 'pickle' after crackdown

"So, why not issue employees with park passes to be affixed to the windscreen. This would allow the..."

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A RESPECTED Aboriginal leader has weighed into the spat between Maroochy River Rowing Club and an indigenous community.

Aboriginal elder calls for calm in rowing club dispute

"So who ARE the traditional owners, Gubbi Gubbi or Kabi Kabi, or is this a turf war. which blood group..."

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A WELL-intentioned plan to provide facilities for the young Sunshine Coast rowers has degenerated into a stoush over indigenous land rights.

Indigenous land rights stoush over rowing facility

""These dump sites form what are now called shell middens" The operative word is "dump sites". Now..."

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CARLY Earl has a mission to clean up parents’ dirty habits involving disposable nappies.

Disposing of dirty nappy habits helps save landfill

"Ah, the good old days, hang 'em on the line, hose 'em down, put 'em in the machine and use 'em again."

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THE council will not consider views of anti-mosque protesters when it decides on a Muslim group’s plans to create a place of worship in Maroochydore.

Protests to 'make no difference' on mosque application

"As long as there are no amplified calls to prayer or prayers, to the exterior of the building. I can..."

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EVER grow frustrated with the amount of lyrca-clad road-warriors on the bitumen? Bad news: their numbers are growing fast.

Careful of those cyclists, they're multiplying

"There is a perfectly good cycle path along Bradman Avenue, beside the river. Why then do the MAMIL'S..."

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FAR from “laughable”, the mandatory use of life jackets and helmets by surf lifesaving athletes will save lives and help perform rescues in rough conditions.

Life jackets and helmets now mandatory, despite fury

"I'm with Shannon, particularly in competition. "

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