July 2016

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An inspection of over 6000 bins shows we need to remember what goes in the bin

Contamination rate increases around the region

"There would be less contamination if we had larger general rubbish bins or if they were emptied twice a..."

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A CONTROVERSIAL politician has backed down on linking terrorism to a deliberately lit fire at a NSW police station last night.

WATCH: CCTV footage of fiery attack on police station

"Typical George. Engage the mouth before the brain."

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The new Amnesty International branch believe Mackay should be a 'refugee welcome zone'.

New Amnesty International group targets change

"When our locals are fully employed then maybe we could consider bringing in refugees. Until then they..."

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A WEATHER warning has been issued for Capricornia, including Gladstone, for damaging wind gusts of up to 90km/h for Friday and Saturday.

LISTEN: 'Slow moving' system to hit Gladstone region: BOM

"Higgins= panic merchants. "

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WAY TO take the shine of yet another stellar performance Queenslanders. Whinging instead of wowing at the defensive efforts only proves the arrogance.

Memo to Queenslanders: Shut up and enjoy it while it lasts

"Poor Blues having a sook again. Scott Sawer you need to build a bridge and get over it. QLD forever."

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THEY have become Australia's go-to storm chasers, but it's not just the wild weather they're after.

Higgins chasing BOM, as massive storm looms large

"Higgins was wrong in most predictions last year and by the way they get their info from BOM so can not..."

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ONE of Queensland’s most popular burger franchises - Burger Urge – is expected to open in early September at Sydney Street Markets.

New burger chain: 'It was silly of us not to open in Mackay'

"Why should they have $2 burgers and free coffee for aged pensioners? They are a business not a..."

June 2013

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CHILDREN are losing their innocence at a much younger age through exposure to the Internet and parents need to help them switch off, author and doctor warns.

Get your kids off the Internet and save their innocence

"10 years ago it was the TV that was ruining the lives of children. Now the internet is to blame. Time..."

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