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"Its starting to look like we might have a change of government at the next election. The pensioners are..."

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"I’m not blaming anyone for anything. This problem just has to be fixed. I’m also wondering who..."

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"This is just wrong. Being our local member, as well as the parliamentary secretary for police and..."

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"Now that I think about it Centerlink give out some sort of allowance for pets. Ive never got it but Ive..."

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"Back in the day I don’t think the refs were any better than they are today but at the end of the game a..."

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"When I read this story I thought that sounds like a lot of money so I cheched the Pottsville North..."

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"Mundane was very mundane."

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"As soon as I see the overseas line come up on the display on the phone I know I’m about to get another..."

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"I like DST."

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