April 2015

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TOOWOOMBA’S Darling Heights Lodge has been shut down by Toowoomba Regional Council and 25 residents evicted in a move labelled as “ruthless”.

Battlers evicted as council closes down city lodge

"He mustn't have received his $2.8 million asking price when he tried to sell it a few years ago ..."

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HARVARD is no longer a distant dream for former St Ursula’s College girl Bronte Shaddock.

Toowoomba girl on her way to Harvard law school

"While it is an outstanding achievement can't she just ask her parents for the money? She went to..."

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TOOWOOMBA residents have woken to the coldest day of the year with the mercury falling to a brisk 4.3 degrees this morning.

Brrrrrr … good morning Chill-woomba!

"And yet you are reading the Toowoomba newspaper? Go figure. I for one live here because we have..."

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SMALL business owners are the lifeblood of local economies, yet they continually get the sharp end of the stick.

OPINION: Toowoomba firm's actions just shameful

"This company is the same company that is putting Maccas and KFC at the top of the range. ..."

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JODI Daly is one of many Toowoomba shoppers who has noticed a sharp cut in her family grocery’s bill since shopping at Aldi.

Shoppers cash in as Aldi takes fight to grocery giants

"Ronnyk - have you ever shopped at Aldi? Over 80% of the items are made or grown in Australia. Go and..."

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TOUGH new vaccination rules have received a show of support from the Toowoomba community.

Wide support in Toowoomba for tough vaccination rules

"Agree totally. I don't understand why these parent's are putting their children's lives at risk by not..."

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TOOWOOMBA travellers say they would support direct flights from Wellcamp Airport to Melbourne, but only if the price was right.

Toowoomba travellers back 'affordable' Melbourne flights

"Isn't that the point of running a business?? Of course they need to make money. Your comment is..."

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A NATION-WIDE spike in private health insurance premiums has many Toowoomba residents asking if the cost is worth it.

Gamble with health as cost of private cover soars

"Cant afford not to have it. The 1st person in this story paid over $3,000 for dental work last year???..."

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