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"I wouldn't say Karma. The plaintiffs lawyers should have know better and he should be suing them. ..."

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"I can remember having my 18th birthday party there and it was fantastic! The quality went down as soon..."

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"Read the article Marylou - It was a targeted attack. They filled the place with gas and then lit it..."

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"Gone Viral? Hardly. It isn't even that good a photo. It just looks like a few clouds over a..."

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"Not dangerous? I'm sure a python that size would take the family pet and could severely injure a young..."

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"yeah I would be interested to see that list too!!! It must be a long list. Dan seems to have been..."

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"$100k per year is not just shy of $2k per week. When you take tax out and hecs we are lucky to scrape..."

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