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"I'd say that the asparagus is coming from Germany. If it is, I would definitely buy it. They grow..."

Commented on a story 4:24pm Jul 21st

"That is ridiculous. I have just moved from East Toowoomba and my old house is included in that zone. ..."

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"That is disgusting. Some people have no morals whatsoever. I would move as well. It seems that there..."

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"Electron45 - without being disrespectful your daughter must have a bad CV or doesn't interview well. I..."

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"That's a bit judgemental Brigit. Everyone that gets stuck by a train isn't self centred. They are..."

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"Alcohol???? It has been proven time after time that when intoxicated the injuries in car wrecks are..."

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"Is there a candidate for the Palmer United Party??? If they start to get n front of the media they..."

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