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"My wife worked for some the most modern hosp's for 25 yrs they did it then, and are still doing it now..."

Commented on a story 10:31am Jul 25th

"You got what you folks voted why complain..we live in a " great" democratic country...and we..."

Commented on a story 7:15pm Jul 24th

"I completely agree with Dr Christian Rowan . GPs are not trained in " Pain Management" and often "..."

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"HerveyB - well said!!!!......the $$$ will go to water swings BBQs....but silly things like..."

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"also good place to practice. Should try H Bay as well they dont have a Cardiologist ...and at..."

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"Its well known by MDs/ dentists that " untreated" dental (gum as well ) can( will) infect the body."

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"On the international news it was reported the a "Judge in Australia says incest may no longer be a..."

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"funny how the FFC does not publish that the earths Magnetic poles are shifting at a very large..."

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"Well, thank Abbott for a lot of that.........cutting welfare ...leaving people without $ food/rent...we..."

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"Yes, look the other way...that what Australians do best! The Gov,s attack other countries.....I will..."

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