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""No just God would stand for beheading" which God Mr obama would you say would allow 10s of thousands..."

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"Just a note re pensioners this might wake some people up."

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"" We ALL have an obligation to help OUR country to be a better place to live in." ....I second that..."

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"bloggers do your research ...UK is Bankrupt, USA is the same ( will not admit it)...and Oz will soon..."

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"Good on you Anne Maddern are looking after you people that voted for you!!!! Thank you..."

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"I have been trying to get a 100mtr footpath ( now only a grass spoon drain) for over 4yrs...for the..."

THE Tiaro Chamber of Commerce president has called on the council to do more to combat the desperate lack of parking in the highway town.

Chamber pushes for more car parking in Tiaro

19 Aug 2014

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"LOL !!"

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"johnx74 - thats a good one!!!!!!!!!"

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"what would happen if he said this to Israel?, or Communist China? this is not pub talk...but not the..."

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"FedUp77 I world knows this know......well said!!!"

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