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"The development was already there prior to the residential development, they only expanded it. I..."

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"It means in 19 months time he will spend 3 months in jail. They usually suspend the sentence when..."

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"RIP dude .. deepest thoughts are with your family."

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"Doesn't matter if Andrew isn't elected as he will receive his current wage for the rest of his life..."

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"Nothing but a Labor party stooge. The figures are 2014 figures which represent that the staffing at..."

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"They are right though, it isn't very nice beer."

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"You guys are an asset to society - great job!"

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"Labor couldn't even sort out the medical staff payslips over a 5 year term. The lifts in the Ipswich..."

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"Meanwhile in South Australia all the hospitals seem to be run the say way the Labor government ran the..."

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