July 2016

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RESIDENTS are concerned a high density development will pose a threat to their town.

Town with 'unique country flair' will be ruined: resident

"What a good belly laugh, David Pahlke received over $20,000 in election donations from developers and..."

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THERE'S no shortage of projects in Ipswich pitched to drive the region forward.

Five projects Ipswich needs over the next five years

"Wouldn't believe a word of it. Pisasale has been promising to upgrade the Civic centre since..."

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TAKE drugs to Splendour and lose your ticket, police warn.

Punters to lose their Splendour tickets, police warn

"Cam, if people are just going for a drugfest then they should have their tickets taken off them."

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IPSWICH Mayor Paul Pisasale raked in a staggering $219,255 in political donations to fund his recent local government election campaign.

Records show Pisasale received campaign donations of $219k

"What a load of hog wash!!! The man couldn't lie in bed, seriously. Even in this story he isn't telling..."

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Federal member for Blair, Shayne Neumann says he is proud to continue serving the Ipswich community.

LETTER: Ready to serve Blair for next three years

"I find that very hard to believe. Every time I see Neumann at his mobile office it his with old Larbor..."

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In 1996 Pauline Hanson told us it was the Asians we were supposed to be wary of, now it's Muslims.

OPINION: Keep those bastards honest

"Actually alkren, there is currently a whole lot of development surrounding Ipswich and most of it is..."

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VOTERS across Ipswich are rejecting how to vote card from all political parties in greater numbers than ever before.

Ipswich residents reject how to vote cards: Tully

"Maybe you can tell us what he has done for Goodna?"

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“But we are so far ahead that we are very confident we are going to hold the seat of Blair.

Neumann declares Labor victory in Blair

"Councillors shouldn't be off playing party politics, they should be focused on community issues."

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With over 500 members to the mentoring organisation, Little Tokyo 2 will bring its second digital and innovation hub to Ipswich.

Little Tokyo Two a boost for Ipswich's Fire station 101

"Hope people realise these are not new or exclusive to Ipswich. Most councils have them and they are..."

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