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"Warwick has more nightlife than Ipswich. Most people from Ipswich travel to Brisbane."

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"Beattie Government's privatisation of Energex and Ergon in 2006. These were the retail arms of..."

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"Would have thought that somebody would have flicked through the so called safe-city footage first, then..."

Police cordoned off Bell St and evacuated nearby businesses after being advised about 7.20am that a man had left a bag unattended under a bus stop seat and then boarded a bus.

Bomb scare on Bell St

30 Sep 2014

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"Obviously they would have gone over the entire 7 years he was employed and would have been paid all his..."

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"Of course Redbank will receive more funding, it has a lot more students / teachers. "

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"Some time in the 1980s Labor joined the consensus that the state should get out of many of the services..."

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"Neumann would stoop any length to gain votes."

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"Answer me these 3 ... What assets have been sold by the LNP? What assets where sold by the Labor..."

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"Time to vote these clowns out ... we need a new council."

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"Not true at all. The council is the only identity to issue building permits. They are also responsible..."

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