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"How I pray for a day when there is no Clive Palmer story in the SCD. If such a day ever arrives, I will..."

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"So, given the clues. I guess we are looking for an Italian homophobe who may live in the rainforest and..."

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"If you dare to voice an alternative opinion. (like why don't you simply drive within the laws),on these..."

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"I think a lot of people are regretting not putting Clive last instead of second last right now."

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"I see on Australian Story that Clive was Russ Hinze's right hand man. Enough said."

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"He and his mate Mr Jamieson are hell bent on turning the SSC into the Gold Coast just for starters. It..."

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"I won't eat with dogs, so I don't get free ranch (sic) through the community either. However dog poop..."

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