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"Redbank Workshops served its purpose well for over a century but the reality is things have been..."

Commented on a story 3:11pm Oct 29th

"Halloween trick or treating is an American thing. Nothing to do with Australia."

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""The trains will be built by Bombardier in Savli..."

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""The NGR project involves delivering 75 six-car trains being designed in Queensland" Designed in..."

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"I'm all for rail trails, but you wait until the line has been officially closed and proclaimed as a..."

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"Passenger trains have always, for the entire history of railways, had priority over freight. But don't..."

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"Exactly. MPs are supposed to represent the interests of their constituents first, not their party. In..."

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"Pretty obvious why he is saying this, he just wants to hold onto his seat at the next election. His..."

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"Are they still going on about this? The myth about buried Spitfires was debunked years ago. All the..."

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"They aren't actually going to stop the coal trains, just are just going to put them underground."

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