May 2015

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A PERCEIVED abandonment of regional and rural communities was one of many factors that led to the Newman government’s demise, an in-party review has found.

LEAKED REPORT: Why Campbell Newman lost Queensland

"They lost because of the lack of pork barrelling and being realistic about debt."

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THERE will be more opportunities for visitors to enjoy the great outdoors in the Scenic Rim with council approving a campground on the shores of Lake Maroon.

Lake Maroon campground given green light

"Pet friendly?"

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VETERAN councillor Heather Morrow paved the way yesterday for a huge field of contenders vying for her council division in March.

Veteran councillor says she'll not stand for re-election

"I can see Pisasale getting the tap on the shoulder for Tully to lead the charge of endorsed candidates."

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AUSTRALIA still warrants a triple A rating after all the austerity policies put in to place over the past two years by our mean and tricky LNP government.

YOUR SAY: Vulnerable pensioners pay for financial crisis

"Ah you mean the position Labor put us in by giving everybody 900 bucks to stimulate the economy that..."

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DESPITE being amongst the world's most social media savvy people, it turns out Australians aren't that bright when it comes to covering their tracks.

Social media savvy not so smart when it comes to 'pulling a sickie'

"We caught a worker out who updated his facebook from a nightclub in the Valley at 4am the morning he..."

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A YOUNG woman from Casino has revealed the depth of her struggle with ice addiction and the terrible impact it has had on her life and her family's life.

Mother of three reveals devastating impact of ice

"Why aren't gaols rehabs as well? Seems logical. "

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MOVES are afoot within sections of the Labor Party to try and run ALP-endorsed candidates at the next Ipswich council elections in 2016.

Pisasale and Antoniolli against ALP-endorsed council

"So being in the ALP has not swayed them in any way of following the ethos of Labor or the Unions."

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BEEKEEPING is the new buzz word in Ipswich with more and more people taking up the hobby and tasting the sweet rewards that come with it.

Sweet hobby buzzing in Ipswich

"Wonder if any Springfield bee keepers will attend? "

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HE HAS cast himself as ‘a roll the sleeves up and get to work’ type of politician.

Madden rolls up sleeves for work

"Prepare for lots of cheap roundabouts. "

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