September 2015

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MOTORISTS repeatedly caught using their mobile phones while driving will face harsher penalties in a bid to discourage the deadly practice.

Tougher measures for repeat distracted drivers

"There are texting Apps out there, but people are to lazy to install them I guess. "HFT will allow..."

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OPINION was divided among our Facebook readers on a proposal to extend trading hours throughout Ipswich's suburbs.

Ipswich divided on proposal to extend trading hours

""Plenty of people will be willing to work extended hours". It appears you are psychic now."

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I HAVE known Jo-Ann Miller for many years, both personally and professionally, and I find the Editorial from someone who "clearly doesn't" to be totally wrong.

YOUR SAY: Let's back-off Jo-Ann Miller, she's fine with me

"If you cannot see she has lost her way, then you need to take a second look Mr. Schimke."

August 2015

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THE Kremlin has released pictures of Vladimir Putin and his PM Dmitry Medvedev pumping iron together, in a bizarre attempt at bulking up their popularity.

Kremlin releases pictures of Putin and Medvedev working out

"Most corrupt president they ever had, and in the history of Russia that's saying something !! "

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I write in response to the recent letters section, "Who are you calling 'morons', Pisasale?"

YOUR SAY: Mayor is right to ignore the knockers

"Wow that brought out the knockers, but it proves Jades point."

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IT’S three storeys high, a true piece of Ipswich’s rail heritage and no one noticed it had gone.

Where did Ipswich's historic signal cabin go to?

""Queensland Rail has worked with the Queensland Heritage Council to safely relocate it to our Ipswich..."

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EXCITEMENT is bubbling within the Greater Springfield region ahead of the official opening of the Robelle Lagoon.

Water testers give new lagoon a thumbs up

"Another great Ipswich attraction delivered by developers and council, well done."

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MR CHAPMAN, your verbal attacks on Jo-Ann Miller and, need I say, the unions is highly scurrilous and deeply unappreciated.

YOUR SAY: Miller 'on top of' Police Minister job

"I supported her until she tried to remove our police communication room to Brisbane, that was the start..."

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IN a media report, Paul Pisasale was quoted as saying: "I've stopped dealing with the morons... who write letters to the paper", "I can tell you they're fools".

YOUR SAY: Who are you calling 'morons', Pisasale?

"10% Is not worth listening to at the expense of the majority, get it."

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