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"Exactly Jack... this was the news item I was talking about so come editor come clean and please explain..."

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"You cant have it both ways when you want reader input to give your newspaper some much needed life but..."

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"May you keep heaven rockin Chrissy you were the best!"

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Commented on a story 11:11am Apr 19th

"Depends if she only got the rego for the trailer as these can be different to the prime mover so it..."

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"Can someone please run some security to keep the local RRC councillors away from Greg as the last thing..."

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"This latest hair brained idea by the Gillard government does not even make sense as we are taking away..."

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"I thought Bill Ludwig had already appointed himself to the position... Oh sorry that's the mayor I..."

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"Quote "Moderator: Have you even used Instagram Equarights? The story is about that social media tool"."

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