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"You are always very quick to judge our councillors John I hope we see your name on the ballot next..."

Commented on a story 2:08pm Aug 16th

"So why not allow them to take off from the strip and have a land zone at nearby rushforth park"

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"Grafton is also a low income area Kmart provides affordable alternatives for struggling families "

Commented on a story 12:33pm Aug 12th

"No social licence here move on and leave the NR alone"

Commented on a story 12:32pm Aug 12th

"These kind of projects bring there own workers good luck finding that many jobs "

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"Happy Birthday Bob with all those candles you would have need the truck hose to put them out anyway ;-)..."

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"Arnt all long daycares private? I find it amazing the amount of centres in qld that don't supply meals..."

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"In this modern day and the cost of daycare these centres should be providing food I have always used..."

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