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"I am appalled at some of the comments on this forum, however it does seem to align with the outcome of..."

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"May I take this opportunity to congratulate the work of Beris and his committee on their efforts to..."

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"That's an interesting spin, however an easy one to respond to. My statements to the media were that..."

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"As an afternote, it must also be understood that the State Government licence and regulate these..."

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"VickiPS - We have had many discussions on this and whilst I agree with some of what you say, not all. I..."

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"2scargo - As this type of operation is considered to be the same as a pharmacy/chemist under the..."

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"Loading Zone directly outside the store for your convenience when dropping off or picking up goods."

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"Perception and Reality are two different things. I agree that perception is the primary enemy here..."

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"@Daniellenor & maxiipower - Both halibut and DIILIGAFF are spot on. Police were on scene within..."

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"@PhilipR - I am not in the habit of making up facts so please forgive the need to clarify. This is the..."

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