Tegan's brave ride to noisy glory

MIXED EMOTIONS: Ipswich Cup-winning jockey Tegan Harrison is delighted guiding Brave Ali back after her superb ride. However, second placegetter Jim Byrne looked disappointed on Noisy Ocean, after steering Alma’s Fury to victory in the previous Eye Liner Stakes.
MIXED EMOTIONS: Ipswich Cup-winning jockey Tegan Harrison is delighted guiding Brave Ali back after her superb ride. However, second placegetter Jim Byrne looked disappointed on Noisy Ocean, after steering Alma’s Fury to victory in the previous Eye Liner Stakes. Claudia Baxter

THE rise and rise of Tegan Harrison continued when the apprentice jockey scored a thrilling front-running win on Brave Ali in the Channel 7 Ipswich Cup (2150m).

Formerly trained in Tamworth, Brave Ali was left with Tony Gollan after winning at Doomben in March.

Harrison said Brave Ali was in his element in the atmosphere of Ipswich Cup Day, getting pumped up by the music and party crowd.

Harrison has developed an understanding with Brave Ali and was confident of going to the lead in Saturday's Cup.

The pair kept the field at bay into the straight where they shook off the chasing Grey Assignment then held off a late charge from Noisy Ocean.

"I've won four races on him now and each time I've led, just held him together and slipped away from them," Harrison said.

"He doesn't really have that explosive turn of foot so you have to get them off the bit but at the same time you have to hold him together early."

Harrison said the break from Brave Ali's last run on May 10 to Saturday concerned her but winning the Cup confirmed Gollan's rapidly increasing standing as a trainer.

"Tony was confident we could go well - I was a touch worried," she said. "I thought there was going to be a lot more pressure, which there was, and he did have a let-up so it wasn't as if he came into this race with a run under his belt.

"Tony's probably had to push him a bit to get here and he's done a terrific job because he got pressured and he just kept going.

"And with all that, I was very thrilled with how he went."

Trainer and jockey agree their relationship is mutually beneficial.

"Tegan's riding horses for me very, very well. I'm very proud of the job she's doing," Gollan said.

"She's a courageous young rider and she has the courage to let the horses be where they need to be.

"I love her riding my horses and the association will only get bigger and better."

Harrison said of Gollan: "The best thing about him is he's really honest and I'm really honest back.

"He won't just paint a pretty picture all the time; he'll let me know if he thinks there's something I could have done better and I thrive off that," she said.

"I like being told where I've gone wrong. It gives me something to learn from and focus on and aim for the next meeting. You've got to keep learning all the time so that's what I like about it."

Harrison said it helped to know Brave Ali's idiosyncrasies when it came to riding him.

"The hard thing with this horse is he does nothing trackwork, he gets beaten by maideners in trackwork," she said. "Because he just spends no energy in trackwork - he's very lazy - so I find it hard to get a guide on him from how he's galloping.

"And then he comes to the races and he's a completely different horse.

"He gets all pumped up and goes out and leads and he's just very tough. He saves it all for raceday ... he's just a real racehorse.

"I think he enjoys racing, I really think he does."

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