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Moving house is a challenge

I remember the days when moving in with a flatmate was such an exciting yet simple experience.

In my poverty stricken university days it was a house sharing situation with minimal furniture, mismatched crockery but always a television and a pumping stereo.

I wouldn't say we begged, borrowed and stole, but I may have taken a few home comforts, like saucepans, towels and sheets, without asking.

(Sorry mum).

But we thought we were cool, with our op shop lounge suite and posters ripped from magazines the only artwork adorning our walls.

Fast forward 20 years and I am now in the process of doing it all again, the moving in thing, but this time on the opposite scale.

This time my partner and I both have a house full of belongings each, a child each, and all their belongings - and we are moving in together.

So while in my teens moving in was fun and carefree, this time I can see it is going to take careful planning.

First thoughts should be about setting boundaries.

I guess it goes without saying I have full claim over the bathroom vanity and he gets rights to the garden shed.

That is just the law of nature isn't it?

Not to mention I get 99% of the closet space and he gets what is left.

Well, we all know that is true in every case.

He had already hinted the kitchen sink is my domain.

Our biggest hurdle is going to be the hoarder vs minimalist situation.

I am a hoarder from way back, and it seems my son has inherited that gene.

My darling partner is a minimalist, which is great for me because it means there is plenty of room for all my stuff.

And yes honey, we have plenty of stuff.

They say love is blind.

I hope so.

When the removals truck arrives with all my belongings, I sure will be counting on that.


From the archives of Super Mum by Sharyn O'Neill

Twitter: supermum1972

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