LETTER: Sorry to say Joel, the bats are back

FLYING HOME: After only a short time, the bats are back.
FLYING HOME: After only a short time, the bats are back. NewsCorp

QT reporter Joel Gould should have done some follow-up first before publishing his article in Wednesday's paper, saying the bats have all gone from Yamanto.

Ipswich City Council did a great job cleaning up the creek bank on both sides and removing "some" trees from behind residents houses.

The bats had been gone for two weeks prior to the work being done then one week cleaning up, we then had another month with only a handful of bats.

It was absolute "peace", but they're back unfortunately.

The sheoaks the bats hang off were not touched on the far side of the creek. Even if they had taken the top half off the trees we might have had a chance of deterring them.

The trees are in an area where nobody goes so as I understand even if the new branches growing back were weakened there was no pedestrian traffic underneath to harm anyone.

The term "buffer zone" does not apply to the stench and screeching from the bats, we are not finished.

We look forward to hearing from council about Stage 2.



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