Lowood homes and businesses tagged in graffiti attack

PAINT JOB: Graffiti vandals tag a Lowood home with spray paint.
PAINT JOB: Graffiti vandals tag a Lowood home with spray paint. Contributed
A ‘GITB’ tag found on a Lowood barber store.
A ‘GITB’ tag found on a Lowood barber store.

VANDALS have spray-painted their way through Lowood, with numerous businesses and homes in the area tagged with unsightly graffiti.

Numerous tags were recently discovered mainly reading the word "Cowood" or "GITB" - an acronym believed to stand for "Gatton is the Bomb".

Lowood father of four Kyson Cruze said he was among the many local residents not amused by the stunt.

The 27-year-old said a lot of shop fronts had been targeted including the medical centre and the post office.

Mr Cruze said incidents of similar anti-social behaviour had been on the rise in the area during the past two years.

He said it was disappointing because Lowood was such a nice-looking country town and the graffiti was ruining its image.

News Express Lowood owner Nia Kugel said her newsagency had also been targeted by the graffiti.

She said she had captured the vandals on film which revealed them to be two young boys.

"Everyone in the community is really annoyed about what these kids have done," she said.

"I myself have to now pay someone to paint over the graffiti, which is an added expense." 

If caught, Mrs Kugel said she would like to see the vandals made to clean up the mess they created.

Lowood police said investigations were under way.

The word ‘Cowood’ sprayed on a local business.
The word ‘Cowood’ sprayed on a local business.



Residents call for vandals to clean up their mess

After the graffiti spree, local Lowood residents turned to social media to vent their annoyance. The following comments were made on the 'Fernvale Lowood Esk City-Watch' Facebook page. How do you think these vandals should be punished?

I HOPE they are caught and made to clean up the mess - it's the only way these vandals are going to learn. BRADLEY HYLAND

IT'S so disappointing. Lowood used to be a lovely little town… we need more police patrols and tougher punishment of delinquents… such a disgrace. SIOBHAN SARGENT 

THEY should make the people responsible clean it off with a toothbrush. Used to be the Brassall Boys years ago, now we have to contend with the Gatton lot - I hope they catch them. JOY EMERSON

WHEN do these people become accountable for their choices? Or does the whole community have to baby sit them and provide for them because "there is nothing to do?" Get out and mow a lawn - do something constructive rather than destructive, it may even make you feel good. NARELLE WALKER

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