Motivated job seekers to be given extra $100 a week

MOTIVATED young job seekers will be $100-a-week richer if they take up training and internships under new incentives to get into the workforce.

WATERCOOLER: Are holiday penalty rates too costly?

A rally over penalty rates in Ipswich on Monday. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times

It is a costly task to pay the double time penalty rates to staff

Dam funding will create 6000 jobs, says MP

DAM PROJECT: The proposed Urannah Dam site is in the upper Broken River valley, south-east of Collinsville.

Urannah could deliver 6000 jobs and that local employment

Ipswich jobs lag behind

No Caption

Local residents more likely to be jobless than Brisbane cousins

Finding work a tough gig in Ipswich

Mark Beaven of Bundamba has struggled to find full time employment since being made redundant from Aurizon in Redbank.

A former Redbank railway workshops employee is searching for a job

Looking for a new job? Here are 3 things you should check

There are lots of things to consider when seeking a new job.

There are questions you should ask before changing careers

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