22 June - 23 July

Yes, you can be victorious now but at what cost? If you win an argument doesn’t mean you’ve convinced the other person to change their mind. In the heat of the moment for the sake of expediency they may appear to agree with you but you’ll sense that that is superficial. In this matter it’s probably best to say nothing, and respond to any provocation with silence rather than more words. In this way you’ll be able to short-circuit the circular argument that has no real end. True victory is inner peace.


24 July - 23 August

Why not indulge in a little luxury you ask? There’s no doubt you’ve now found yourself in a position where you can splurge a little on yourself and this in fact can be good not only for the soul but ultimately for your bank balance. Karma is after all predominantly a mirror of not only your actions but your thoughts, words and intentions. If you have the feeling that you are deserving and regularly do self-gifting, you will indeed reflect that back to the universe and attract even more in your life. On the matter of relationships you may be oscillating on a decision and need to make your mind up pretty quickly.


24 August - 23 September

The notion of motherhood today shouldn’t simply be limited to the traditional ideas and roles associated with it. The concept of nurturing should extend to all your relationships and this goes for you guys reading this as well. Nurturing others is based upon compassion, sensitivity and love. Today you have an opportunity to act in kindness perhaps to someone who hasn’t exactly been all that nice to you recently. The measure of your spiritual stature is in how well you release yourself from patterns of reactive behaviour so you can see others as reflections of yourself.


24 September - 23 October

You’ve been giving too much of yourself to others and yes, on a universal level we are unlimited spiritual beings, however on a day-to-day basis your physical health, mental focus and material resources fluctuate in terms of how available those resources are. You need to cut back and stop being all things to everyone. Your fear that you will be rejected if you don’t give to something of yourself to everyone is unfounded and will in fact backfire because people will ultimately devalue what you have to offer. It’s time to give something back to yourself and this in turn will attract a better calibre of person into your life.


24 October - 22 November

Having technical understanding or knowledge of some specific subject doesn’t necessarily mean you can implement that in your everyday affairs. There is a Grand Canyon of distance between the theoretical and the practical. Having learned what you’ve learned is wonderful but now the real test is one of how well can you join the dots and bring that knowledge into your moment by moment living. That can be an immense challenge but one that you’re most certainly up for and which will, if you can manage it, enrich your life so much more.


23 November - 22 December

Hope and expectation sometimes play a funny game of interchange in our minds. These two things are vastly different. In the process of expectation one can and does fail to realise those expectations and therefore sets oneself up for failure and disappointment. On the other hand hope still has desire at its core but along with a sense of surrender to the Universal Will. If something doesn’t happen you haven’t lost because the process was an enriching one in any case. To cut a long story short, don’t forget the smell the roses along the way today.


23 December - 20 January

People are always watching even though you may think they aren’t. You behaviour now should act as a template for others, a model which is impeccable and beyond reproach. You may at some time in the future be asked to explain your actions and to justify why you’ve done things the way you have. Therefore integrity is your keyword today and keeping your emotions under some sort of control especially when things go your way may have a more far-reaching effect then you even imagine. Think twice before you speak and thrice before you act.


21 January - 19 February

How long can you endure oppression? This doesn’t necessarily mean being physically confined but mental and emotional oppression can be very taxing especially when sustained over a long period of time. This now relates more specifically to your work and a lack of creativity over recent times. Doing things for the sake of money when doing what you truly love is what you would prefer, is in a way a sort of oppression or self-made prison. Your freedom during this cycle is less about doing what you want so much as changing your attitude towards what you are doing and bringing to the moment your creative loving attention. This will change everything quite dramatically.


20 February - 20 March

Making peace, arriving at a truce means no longer crossing swords with those who are rivals. Does this mean you have to be best friends forever and ever, Amen? Not at all! But at least now that mental energy that has been drained out of you can be redirected into more productive avenues leading to greater success. Now you’ve learned some valuable lessons about how to deal with others and further to this you will obviously learn how to not deal them, especially the psychic and emotional vampires who only understand one word - take, not give.


21 March - 20 April

Imagination can be fed through delving into the mysteries of life, the unseen and the unheard of now. You need to step outside the square and think beyond your normal limits even if others look down upon you “weird”. You have a vision at this time and you should only share that with people of like mind who are prepared to support you. Your finances may be bogged down if you mix up business with pleasure, friendship with cash, so keep these two areas of your life distinctly separate.


21 April - 21 May

The illusion of success is very much like an amateur performer going on a talent show and sincerely believing that they are the next pop idol. Because no one bothered to tell them that they actually have no talent they continue to believe their spin. You need to measure your self-concepts and capabilities against the litmus test of general consensus and not assume that your ideas for success are in fact true. In short, you should keep it real and re-evaluate yourself to improve yourself.


22 May - 21 June

By defining your happiness as something that comes from outside you, you are short-changing yourself. Once you take a look at the real cause of happiness and stop enslaving yourself to others whom you’ve mesmerised yourself into believing are the be all and end all of your contentment your life will change completely. Once you break the spell and realise that happiness is something you are doing yourself you will be free. This advice may be strongly connected to some of the financial issues you’re having under the Mars and Sun transit.

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Yes, you can be victorious now but at what cost? If you win an argument doesn’t mean you’ve convinced the other person to change their mind. In...

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